February 24, 2011

All good things...

...must come to an end!

Hi!  This is Sarah's little sister, Meagan writing.  As most of you are aware Sarah has been hosting a Pampered Chef Party all week!  Click here to see her original post explaining the details of her party and of the GIVE AWAY that she is doing to go with her party!  :-)

As with all good things, this party must come to an end.  At midnight Friday night (okay, so I won't be up that late and it will probably be Saturday morning at 10 AM CST), we will close her Pampered Chef Party!  Sarah needs another $93 in sales to bump her up to the next level of host rewards!  You can help her out by placing an order today and if your order totals over $60, you'll get the guest special!  What's the guest special, you might ask?  You can choose ONE KITCHEN ESSENTIAL FREE (Small Batter Bowl, Micro Scraper, or Classic Scraper)!

I also want to take this opportunity to offer you a chance to host a show of your own!  Just ask Sarah how easy and fun it was to host her Pampered Chef Blog Party!  A couple of posts on her blog and she will earn this month's host special, free products, half-price products, and discounted items on this order and all year long!  I would love to help you get all of these great things too!  All you need to do is email me at meagan.pamperedchef@gmail.com and I'll coach you through the very easy steps to hosting a show of your own via your blog, email, and/or catalog so that you can get all the Pampered Chef products on your wish list for less!

Finally, I want to offer the chance to earn extra money by joining the Pampered Chef Team!  Even though I am a new consultant, I am already seeing the great things that Pampered Chef can do for me!  I am excited about adding to my monthly income and achieving some exciting goals.  If this is something that interests you, even if you aren't quite sure, you can also email me!  I will simply share what I know and answer any questions you have.  I have an amazing director that can assist as well!

So there you go!  Please help Sarah "bump up" to the next level of host rewards by placing an order by midnight, Friday!  If you don't remember the "instructions" on placing orders, just click here!

Thank you for helping me jump start my Pampered Chef business!


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Horses Are Our Lives said...

I would love to see Billings in the winter, but -20! Brrr. We get in the minuses here in NE, but not that cold. The book store is a perfect place to be. Your selections look interesting. I just went to an antique/garage sale at the Event Center yesterday, and bought about 8 books for $11! Oh, sorry that I missed the Pampered Chef. I love their product, even though I don't use them much, :-)))

I left you a "Stylish Award" on my blog! I enjoy reading your stories on your blog! Brenda