February 6, 2011

Are You Ready For Taxes?

I'm not! I should have started this weeks ago. I like to get done as soon as I can and get it turned in so I don't have to think about it for another year.

So that's what I've been doing this evening, as everyone else in the country sits down to watch the Super Bowl. What do you Canadians do? Does the Super Bowl interest you guys on the north side of the line?

Personally I care nothing about Pro Football (or much of any football really). So instead I decided to take the plunge and dive into a pile of paperwork.

So far its going rather faster than usual. I think I managed to stay a little more organized than the last few years. I also noticed that our stack of receipts is rather smaller than the last few years. That has me worried a bit. Apparently we didn't spend as much. Maybe we didn't make as much either. I haven't done those totals yet.  You have to save that one for last so that you end with looking at a happy number and not a bunch of overwhelming ones.

For instance (you might want to sit down for this one)

We spent almost $96,000 on fuel last year. That's just fuel...nothing else. That's always my favorite total to get added up. It always shocks me.

PS: Regarding a couple of comments on previous posts -

Anonymous - thank you for the comment about the Civil War post. I LOVE Franklin! My sister lives in Murfreesboro and we love to go to Franklin. I've been to the battle sight, or what's left of it, but I've not been to Carnton plantation. After reading Widow of the South though, its on the list of places to see next time I'm there.

Frugal Canadian Hermit - I left I-15 off my map of Montana b/c I was just talking about traveling east and west through the state and I didn't want to distract from those 5 cities by adding too much detail.

Thanks all for the comments y'all! I enjoy them very much!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

$96,000.00!!!! WOW. That *is* an impressive number. Mind-boggling, in fact. Is this pretty consistent with previous years, with regard to mileage (and of course taking increased fuel prices into account)?
Football-Schmootball, that's all I have to say about that.

Meagan said...

Taxes... UGH! I'm glad I don't have to do all that stuff that you and mom do! :-) I just take my W2 in and viola! Done! :-)

I'm sick this AM... I sure hope y'all don't get it!

Love you! Was SO glad to see you yesterday! xoxo!

Dreaming said...

I began to experience a nervous twitch and felt some welts rising and began itching just from reading your blog title. Then...all of that stopped when I saw your fuel expense.
I feel better now. Thanks!

gtyyup said...

LOL...and I was amazed yesterday from the total I got for our fuel...I'm sure glad it wasn't nearly as large of a number as yours...you may keep that number!!!

OK...back to my taxes...

small farm girl said...

This is my least favorite time of year too. This is the only time of year I hate being self employed.

I remember Dad adding up how much money he spent in fuel for his truck. People think truckers make good money if you own a truck. They don't realize how much is spent.

Be safe out there.

jenni said...

yes I am ready! Nine weeks and three days.....