April 28, 2010

Trucking 101: Weather Permitting

I think we get comfortable and feel safe when winter is over, or mostly over. One starts to think that all danger of weather related road issues are over. Alas...not so!

We're in Arizona...parked.

Since early this afternoon, I-40 has been closed due to a dust storm. The wind is blowing strong down here, and while its sunny and clear where we are at, it is apparently bad enough to warrent closing the road on west of here.

We've been pushing against wind all day long, since early this morning in Texas. I checked the wind advisory and the high wind warnings are up till 10:00 tonight, advisory till 7:00pm tomorrow. (I've not shared that part with Malcolm, seeing as how I'm holding on to my faith that the road will be re-opened soon.)

We've been here in Holbrook, AZ since around 4:00pm. I guess I'm going to try and get some sleep, though I don't have much hope. Its not my sleeping shift.

700 miles to go and we need to be in Helm, CA in the morning. There's still plenty of time, so long as they get the road open soon!

Wish us luck!

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frugalmom said...

Oh my goodness. We have been having so much dust blowing around here....its crazy. Not nearly as much as where you are, Im sure...