April 12, 2010

Fuel, and the Hole in my Pocket

I shutter at what I'm seeing on the signs in front of the truck stops. I feel like I'm beginning to re-live the nightmare of summer before last.

Today, when we leave our reload we'll be driving back to Yakima, WA to get fuel before heading out. We'll be paying $3.36 a gallon. We noted the price when we stopped there to washout on our way in this morning.

It just makes me sick, and its not going to go down. Diesel has been making a steady rise for the last several months, but recently has spiked to these extremes. Everyone is saying its just going to keep going up.

Two summers ago we were dealing with the same problem, but it didn't really have much effect on us, because our rates kept up with it. So far, I'm not seeing that happen this time. I'm hoping we start seeing them keep up with the price of fuel soon!

The only sad part is, when our rates go up, the extra shipping costs get passed onto the consumer. Its just one long, sad, domino effect!

Why are we just on this long steady decline? When are things going to start moving in a positive direction again?

Let me make an amendment to the above post. Malcolm just returned with the fuel reciept. I had forgotten that teh $3.35 price was the "cash" price and since we fuel on a credit card, we got to pay $3.47. Sorry for mis-informing you!


small farm girl said...

I hate to say it, but I think something drastic is going to happen. The U.S. can't keep going like this. Something has got to give.
Be safe out there.

Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

I have to agree with small farm girl. Something will give sooner or later. Just curious how much it costs to fill up a truck. I don't have that big of a gas tank. LOL