April 7, 2010

Tearing it Up

After driving empty 280 miles on Monday to Mount Pleasant, and then waiting more than 13 hours at Pilgrims Pride on Tuesday, we are finally on our way to California, tearing up the highway.

This time no events to delay the feather meal we're hauling to Helm, CA. No deer smashing into us, no tire's blowing out, and no insane mudflap adventures. We are safely out of Texas, and though the wind is blowing, it looks like a beautiful day in New Mexico. We just crossed the border a bit ago (how do you like their new sign? they just finished it a few weeks ago) and got prepassed by the weigh station 13 miles into the state. Got to love the PrePass!

Malcolm talked to Mark the broker a little while ago. We call in each morning to let him know where we are, just so he knows. And usually, if he's not swamped, he'll take a minute to chat, maybe review what he has in mind for the next couple days. He did that this morning, and suddenly the rest of the week looks much brighter. We (hopefully) aren't turning around and going to Texas again. Looks like we're taking some stuff over the mountain to Reno, and then reloading at Winnemucca and heading to Granger, WA for Monday.

Looks like a beautiful drive through open countryside for the weekend. Lots of time, good places to eat, gorgeous scenery, and hopefully happy weather to enjoy it with!

So we're tearing up the highway for now, but not too bad. We're still holding it back around 64mph. The truck was built to perform best at that speed, so that's what we try to run.

Speaking of "tearing it up," don't let this sweet face fool you.

Ella has a habit that the other two babies never really developed. At first, when she was little, it was cute. Now we still laugh at her, but I think we're at the end of letting it be amusing. I think some discipline is in order now. Ella likes to "make" her bed before she lays down. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but her bed is our bed. We'll be settled in, all is quiet and peaceful, and all of a sudden we'll hear this frantic digging. She just goes to town, usually getting up three or four times to re-adjust things. I keep telling her she isn't accomplishing anything, but apparently I was wrong.

Malcolm climbed into bed the other evening, and found a surprise...

Now these sheets were cheapies from Walmart and they have lasted us about three years, which is probably pretty good, considering how much use they get. They were washed thin and had a small hole in them already. So its not like she ruined a good pair of sheets. The problem is that the beds in the truck are odd sizes. The bottom bunk is wider than a normal twin size and longer too. So twin size sheets are two small, and full size sheets are way too big. I'm sure you can order sheets from Kenworth that fit their bunks, but I just have this feeling that they are going to be over-priced and as course as sandpaper. So I haven't even bothered looking. I have a couple more sets, but they are getting older too. I finally stripped off the old torn one yesterday and Malcolm's going to use it for scraps to clean his guns since it was flannel. He was very disappointed because it was his favorite sheet.
I replaced it with my favorite sheet. But, for some reason, I don't have much hope of it lasting very much longer.

Does anyone know where you can get good quality odd sized sheets?


Janice said...

I just got caught up on all your posts, I have been quite busy and not too good at keeping up. You guys surely have an interesting life. I couldn't do it but I do think it would be pretty cool seeing all that beautiful country.I am such a homebody I think I would last maybe a day....if that. Your little dogs are certainly cute, I love seeing them in their clothes.

frugalmom said...

Ha! My darby that is part chinese crested....she does that same thing. She has not torn anything up yet, as she sleeps in her crate at night time...but if she spots a blanket on the couch or whatever...shes just digs and digs and digs!

jane augenstein said...

Gee, don't dogs do the darnedest things??? I have a digger too but since they all sleep in there own creates she is only digging up her own bed, but still it's annoying!
I can't help you out on the sheets. Since I sew, I would just buy the larger sheets and make them fit the mattress.
Good luck!

Shirley said...

Maybe Ella can wear booties at bedtime to save on your sheets! Such an innocent face- for a diva!