March 12, 2010

Update to the following post

Um, I just reviewed the post I just made about Malcolm's birthday and this last trip (its below)...and its a little lengthy. Sorry! There is one section at the beginning where its just me blabbing about our day (interesting but pictureless)...but if you get through it there are pictures later in the post!

Also, we got unloaded and Mark the Broker did have a load for us. We're heading to reload north of Stockton, CA and going to Buhl, ID for a Monday delivery. And then he's working on a load going from there to Hardin, MT, 45 miles south of home...and then we'll get our week off!!!



Meagan said...

So glad that Malcolm had a good birthday!!! And SO glad to be back in action with my computer! I missed keeping up with you via the blog!! :-)

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you're looking forward to that week off. I hope it comes as you expect.