March 5, 2010

The Impossible...and a Strange Sight

Bright and early on Friday morning...well early for me. I know its almost 11:00, but I just got up.

Remember this little scenario that I had posted...our agenda through next Wednesday?

Well we got the Texas part done, delivered it yesterday morning. The idea was to reload in Carlsbad, NM this morning and deliver in Pasco, WA on Monday morning. A nice three days to get the 1525 miles done, and be sitting in their parking lot first thing Monday morning. Then we would have loaded in Clarkston, WA (those peas again) and headed to Mattoon, IL for Wednesday morning. No problem!

Except Mark, the broker, called as we were unloading yesterday in Texas and switched things up a bit.

Because we are a team, verses solo drivers, people tend to think we are invincible and can get the impossible done...and not to brag, but we almost always do get it done. Seems like we frequently get loads that are, shall we say, challenging to complete on schedule.

So Mark called and it seems someone in IL had under ordered peas, and they were running out of peas fast. So super-team- truckers to the rescue. Mark needed the Carlsbad, NM load to be in Washington today by 5:00pm. We weren't able to get loaded and leave Carlsbad until 5:30pm. Basically what I'm saying is we were being asked to get over 1500 miles done in less than 24 hours.

We're north of Salt Lake City this morning. We almost would have made it to Pasco in time, but Malcolm ran into winter weather out in the mountains of eastern Utah and since we were on two lane roads, it slowed us down a bit. Luckily they are going to unload us first thing Saturday morning, and then we'll get the peas, and shoot for Illinois for Monday morning. Two days ahead of the original schedule and we'll be worn down after its over, but it ought to work out good for the pocketbook.

So that's the story. I'm about to take over and let Malcolm get a nap.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you the funny story from this morning. I missed it and am so sad that I did! Malcolm was driving, as I said, in the mountains of eastern Utah on US6. He was almost to I-15 and there was a big hill that descends down into the valley. As I mentioned earlier, the weather had turned kind of nasty, and apparently the road was icy. At the top of the hill, in the uphill lanes he counted 4 trucks that had spun out. This usually happens when one spins out and then the others have to slow down to avoid hitting the first, which results in the others loosing traction as well. So there were the four trucks stuck at the top of the hill. Half way down the hill there was a mustang in the middle of the road spinning its tires and not getting anywhere. A little further down the hill he could see flashing lights at the bottom, and as he got nearer there were also orange barrels set up. Thinking "what now" he approached the bottom of the hill and there, pulled over on the shoulder was........are you ready for this......

....an AIRPLANE!

Bet you didn't see that coming! I know I sure didn't! That was a first for us. Oh if I only had a picture!


Beck's Country Living said...

I wish you all luck and a safe trip and I wish you had some pitchers. Be safe and have a good weekend.

ACountryCowgirl said...

Found this on the utah news for ya:)

Plane makes emergency landing on U.S. 6
By Jason Bergren

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated: 03/04/2010 08:47:56 PM MST

A small plane made an emergency landing on U.S. Highway 6 in Utah County on Thursday night. No injuries were reported.

The single-engine plane experienced engine or fuel problems and landed in Spanish Fork Canyon near Diamond Fork Canyon about 6:45 p.m., said Utah Highway Patrol spokesman Cameron Roden.

The pilot landed without colliding with any cars and called 911 after landing. Troopers arrived and were able to move the plane out of the road, Roden said.

It was not known where the pilot took off from or where he was going, Roden said.

ACountryCowgirl said...

oh here is a link that has a picture:) Hope your travels are going alright:)


jane augenstein said...

Wow, what a story and no picture of it! What a shame! Bet you see a lot of interesting sights along the road in your travels.

Sonya said...

wow, busy busy...ya'll be careful. Love reading your blog.

small farm girl said...

You have got to be kidding me. An airplane!? Now I do believe you guys have seen it all. Be safe out there.


Shirley said...

That would have been a sight to see! Stay safe out there.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How scary! But I agree...that would have made an amazing photo!