March 3, 2010


This was the view last Friday evening in the mountains east of Reno, NV. I didn't get it posted b/c of our visit with Karen and John at the Rough String on Saturday. The picture didn't near so interesting after that visit.

But yesterday, as we left California, the scene was much the same. So rather than try and catch another shot, I'm using this one. I didn't want to be playing with a camera since there were about a million DOT cops sitting in every nook and cranny just watching for someone to pick on. Don't know what was up with Nevada DOT yesterday. They had their feathers rumpled over something though!

Mark, our broker, has us tentatively planned for a number of days. In fact, if it all goes according to how he has it booked out, our week looks something like this, starting yesterday and taking us through next Wednesday.

(our route is the green lines)

As we sat in California yesterday, delivering our meat and bone meal that came out of eastern Washington, I had the windows rolled down enjoying the warmth. It was a beautiful morning, sunny and warm, but just to the west of us dark ominous clouds were rolling in. I love storm clouds and they did not dampen my high spirits or enjoyment of the mornings beauty. In fact they added to it. I think tree branches are such pretty things, and make such neat designs against the sky. The pictures don't quite do it justice, but they were rather striking with the dark clouds behind them, and the hawk in the uppermost branches only added to the scene.
I've always thought trees were lovely, but since moving to Montana three years ago, I have gained a whole new appreciation for them, as they are kind of few and far between in our country.

Rates are down and loads are apparently a bit hard to find. Not a happy bit of news. It makes me think of last March and April when we ran a total of 6 loads in two months time. Its a rather sickening feeling when I think of it. Granted we're in a different line of trucking than we were then, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and praying that we're not going to see a repeat of last year.

On to happier thoughts...my girls always put a smile on my face. It doesn't matter how warm it is outside, Paris still seeks any heat or sunshine. Yesterday she found both on the floor of the truck, one of her favorite places due to the little window and the floor heater. Nothing gets in her way of soaking it in. Would you call this a head rest, or a foot rest?

I'm not sure.


ACountryCowgirl said...

Looks like you will be busy for a while:) I will pray that y'all are able to keep busy, I know how that can go with our trucking stuff in the past. Seems like busy all at once then there would be a hard time, so I pray the LORD would keep them wheels rollin for ya:) Can't wait till we can meet up sometime:)

Shirley said...

Do you ever haul into Canada? I live just 10 minutes away from Porthill Idaho border crossing. If you ever haul to Bonner's Ferry, let me know; it's only a half hour away.

Missy said...

beautiful pictures. Somebody looks comfortable down there!

Beck's Country Living said...

Love to see where you are going. Hope you are having a safe trip. Beck

small farm girl said...

My weiner dog does the same thing. She loves the heat!