February 23, 2010

White, White, Everywhere I Look is White

When we got home, the snow was still there, though it has settled considerably. There were even some spots of dry earth peaking through where Malcolm had plowed some and then the remnants had melted. I got to thinking though that I don't think I've seen the ground at home since before Christmas. It hasn't been as miserable cold as last year for as long, but the snow seems to have stayed on the ground longer because it hasn't been up and down in temperature like last year either. I'll be glad to see more of that brown earth and dried up grass soon. Every where I look is white, and while that's pretty at the beginning of winter, by now its getting rather bland. Lets see some color!

We spent two days at home and it was very restful. Well for me it was. Malcolm had to work the whole time, but he still enjoyed being home and sleeping in our house instead of the truck. As expected I slept like the dead, and it felt wonderful.

We left Monday morning bright and early, drove all day and all night to get to Illinois to deliver this morning. I managed to stay up and drive extra long, from 5:30 yesterday evening till almost 2:00 this morning. Maybe it was due to that, or maybe I was just over some of my insomnia, but I actually managed to fall asleep last night and slept for about 3 1/2 hours in the moving truck, and then another 1 1/2 hours while Malcolm unloaded.

He's now taking a nap while we wait our turn to load up in Danville, IL. We're heading to Texas tonight, and then will reload in Mount Pleasant, TX. More feather meal for California. Its starting to sound (and feel) like a broken record, but man that load pays good, so I'm not going to complain...too much!
When we leave Billings to come east, we generally head east (literally south) on I-90 towards Wyoming. At Crow Agency, MT we hop off the interstate and take US 212 to Belle Fourche and then skip on back over to I-90. Its about a 200 mile drive through the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Reservation, as well as some of eastern Montana's more remote and beautiful ranch land. The entire south eastern corner of Montana is Carter County, which is the county we lived in during our first year in Montana. Actually we lived in Carter County, just barely, because we were right on the northern line. I love this country!

Before you get to Belle Fourche, SD, you pass through exactly 20 miles of Wyoming. Devils Tower is just south of here.

These last two are taken near Belle Fourche, SD. Those are the Black Hills in the distance.

Here's a little trivia fact for you. Belle Fourche, SD is technically the center of the nation....if you count Hawaii and Alaska.


Willow Witch said...

Love the photos, glad you got some rest and thanks for the trivia! Have a great week and take care...

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm thinking you all need to drive a load to Oregon very soon! Northwest Oregon is incredibly green and a balmy 55 degrees right now! :-)
Glad you got a bit of time at home and in your own bed - that feels wonderful after time away, doesn't it?

Janice said...

Yup still looking like winter there too. We are melting but it is such a slow process.

Missy said...

ha ha I didn't even know that and I'm from south dakota. Ha ha my parents we're married in Bell in the 70's!!! Beautiful pictures!

frugalmom said...

Danville Illinois, huh? A mere 45 minutes away from my current Illinois home! I am so ready for all this snow to be gone, gone, gone.