February 14, 2010

Sunday Stills: Valentine's Day

I've been really slack in my participation in Sunday Stills this year. I always intend to post every Sunday, but then during the week I just don't find anything that inspires me, or I forget about it till Saturday evening, or, like last week, I have some great shots, but we're home on Sunday and don't return to work till Tuesday and my internet at home is just too weak to get pictures posted.

Sometimes finding things to fit the topic of the challenge is a little too much of a challenge for me out here on the road. Ed does a much better job of it than me, and when I see his pictures, I wonder why I wasn't able to come up with something, ANYTHING!

I haven't looked at anyone else's post for this week, but I imagine there are all sorts of beautiful pictures of Valentine decorations, flowers, and all sorts of other creative things.

I thought about taking my camera into a store and taking pictures of the selection of Valentine gifts that were available for purchase. But then I decided not to. For me, Valentine's Day has always been about the people I love, not the gifts, flowers, jewelry, etc. (though I never turn any of that down mind you!)

So my Sunday Still's photographs today are of my top 4 Valentines. Hope you all have a wonderful and love filled Valentine's Day!

(the girls are all wearing clothes with hearts on them today, but they were super uncooperative during our little photo shoot. Just take my word for it that I dressed them for the occasion.)\

On a definitely depressing note:
Malcolm just did a walk around the truck/trailer. We've had a trailer tire that hasn't been quite right since we got it, and now there are apparently cables showing, which means we're about to loose it. Guess we're now shopping for a close, yet affordable, tire shop that has super singles. Why did this have to happen in California where they tax you to put it on , tax you to buy it, tax you to dispose of the old one, and only give you a few pennies for the trade? California is the worst possible place to be buying tires, and is seems like we always end up having our tire issues when we're in this state! The tire alone will be $900, without all their special treatment! Why?


small farm girl said...

Happy Valentines Day to all of yours. I can't believe that the super singles cost that much. What are the benefits for running them compared to duels?

Willow Witch said...

I think of all the blog's you my friend have captured the real spirit of Valentine's Day...

Sorry about the tire, never happens where it will be easy...

dibear said...

Beautifully said. We don't celebrate either with gifts, etc. But, we did have a nice VD dinner here at home.
So sorry to hear about the tire. Good luck.

Brenda said...

sorry to hear of your troubles. I have missed your comments. I have been traveling also, and haven't had the time to check on your site. Glad to see that you posted a photo!

Ed said...

Well done, the girls look great in their outfits..:-)
We never seem to breakdown in convienient places. do we..;-)

Sandy "From the Heart of Texas" said...

Love your take on Valentine's Day! Great photos of your loves. And I did notice the heart shape on the "kids" outfits! Sorry about the tire situation. It does seem that when things go wrong it goes wrong in the wrong place. But hope you had a great day in spite of it!

gtyyup said...

A wonderful post...it's all in and from the heart.

Your girls are cute even when they don't cooperate! I've had a post brewing for over a week and can't get the final photo...Bella Jo 'n Cindy Sue just don't seem to get it! LOL

Hope you get the tire situation fixed without too much cost.