February 27, 2010


Thank you for all the offers to come enjoy the color at various places, and also for commiserating with me from those of you who are tired of the all white scenery too.

Texas was green and pretty. And then we got to California.

The almond groves are in full bloom and I don't know what these orange flowers are, but aren't they pretty? The median and ditches were full of them, like a carpet, and though you can't tell in the picture, they were so bright it was almost blinding! Color over-load...one extreme to the next! It was so beautiful!

We are now in northern Nevada about to cross into Oregon. We loaded ground limestone last night in Winnemucca and will deliver it in Grainger, WA on Monday morning. Its a beautiful drive up through the back country of Oregon, near to where gtyyup girl from Life At The Rough String lives. Well at least we're kind of near there, going through Burns Junction. I love her part of Oregon!

Have a great weekend and if your in a world of white, feel free to take my color picture and make it your wallpaper for a while so you too can enjoy some color and be reminded that spring WILL come again...one day!

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small farm girl said...

Thanks for the color. I needed it.