April 2, 2009

This Morning

Looky oh look, look, look!

Its me, really me, online....at home! Yep, thats me sitting at my dining room table, sipping a cup of steaming Oregon Chai Tea and checking my new internet connection.

I thought, on a whim, that I might try something this morning. It wasn't in my "schedule" that I had mentally formulated last night, and now, since my whim worked, my "schedule" has fallen all to pieces. You see, right now I'm supposed to be finishing up getting ready, and leaving to go shop for some fabric, look for some shoes, and see if I can find the Khols department store that is supposedly in Billings that I didnt' know about! (I'm really pumped over that, but I'll tell you why in a bit.)

But first I saw my laptop laying on the table and thought...."Hmm...I wonder..."

Our cell phones don't work at home, unless we stand right in the dining room window. So I started to wonder if my Verizon wireless internet, which doesn't work out in the driveway from the truck, would work here. I thought I'd try it and what do you know? I've got one and a half bars of sidnal. This of course means that everything is really slow (I've been downloading that picture for 5 minutes now) and also that I loose signal and get disconnected (three times now). But hey, beggars can't be choosers, right? I'm just thrilled that I'm online.

Malcolm left last night for Baker and got there around 11:00 or so. I have a confession. Though sad to see him go and wishing I was going too, I was secretly looking forward to almost three whole days just me all by myself. You know...eat what I want for dinner, watch what I want on TV, stay up as late as I want, go to bed as early as I want, I want, I want, I want....without having to consider what someone else might want to do, because thats what you do when your married.

Know what? All those possibilities lost their charm about an hour after he left. I started missing him and didn't enjoy having the whole bed to myself nearly as much as I thougth I would, and wishing that he was here or I was there. I still plan to get a lot done and have fun these three days just by myself, but they have lost quite a bit of their appeal. I'd rather have the day to myself, and have him come in from his shop around 6:00 for dinner as usual.

Before I go, a note on my search for Khols Department Store.

You see, I had lots of options for shopping in Chattanooga. And I'm a hard person to shop for, even I have trouble. I have the hardest time finding anything I like, anything! And so its been even harder here in Billings, where there are basically three department stores: JC Penny, Dillards, and Herbergers (sp? I'd look it up but I'm afraid to open too many windows and loose signal from overwhelming it!). Then I saw a bill board or something for Kohls and it was like, "NO WAY!" So I looked it up and supposedly there is one out on the west end of King Ave somewhere, and I have to find it. I had just developed an appreciation for Kohls shortly before I moved away from Chattanooga. I actually on occasion had pretty good shoping luck there. SO....thats part of my plan for today, because I'm in desperate need of shoes, black and now brown. In fact I've had half a wardrobe all winter that I couldn't wear becuase I had no black shoes and couldnt' find any I liked (fashion leaves a lot to be desired lately in my humble oppinion). And now here we are on the doorstep of summer and I need brown and black summer shoes, or I'm going to have the same problem. And I know we're on the doorstep of summer, despite recent evidence! I just know it! I know it! (do NOT burst my bubble here!)

Speaking of summer....there's no snow here. It melted in a few short days. So I get a beautiful look out my windows of....brown grass, brown pastures, brown...everything! But honestly, I'm liking brown a whole lot better than white right now, and I'm betting, just betting, that it's going to be green sometime soon...say within the next three months or so! You watch and see!

Ok...being greatful for the internet connection, I'm going to sincerely try not to complain....but this is freakin' SLOW! And I'm afraid to get up and go do something while I wait because I made the mistake earlier of going to retreive my cup of chai from the kitchen counter. Apparently I am part of the connection to the internet, because it disconnected while I was gone. (not complaining, not complaining, not complaining....being greatful)

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Meagan said...

I am SO glad you have a connection at home and SO glad you have some time to your self!!!! yay! I must know if you find Kohl's (one of my favorite, and more affordable shopping places) and if you do you must post what you find there! :-)