April 16, 2009

Fair Weather Friend

In all my resentment and ill feelings towards California, I have finally found something to appreciate about this state. Its warm, sunny, and there isn't any snow accept while you cross into it on occasion.

Yes, I abandoned my beloved Montana. Call me a fair weather friend if you like. I awoke to a dusting of snow on the ground and cold temperatures, and decided, "I don't think so. Forget this! I'm going south!"

Ok, thats not exactly how it happened. We got a call on Tuesday letting us know they had a load for us leaving Wednesday morning. I did wake up to ground dusted in snow and cold weather, and we drove through territory that had several inches, talked to drivers heading east that informed us they were requiring snow chains over Norris Hill, and saw on the internet that Idaho and Nevada were a wintry mess.

So, being as how we'd been home nearly 2 weeks, both had severe cases of spring fever, and were a tad bit cranky with the weather....we drove 43 miles out of route to avoid Norris Hill, chaining up, and blowing snow. Ended up getting better fuel mileage than normally, and were on dry roads all the way to Nevada. AND....by the time we got to Idaho the sun was shining, and Nevada had thawed out.

So, a small tussle with Montana winter again, but I broke loose and fled to warmer weather. Its 8:00 in the morning here is Santa Clara and already 51 degrees. I could easily see me basking in 70 degree weather or higher by noon. And tomorrow we deliver the second half of our load in Los Angelas. Bet we reload down there around Yuma, and while I've had my fill of going there for one year, I could bet money that it will be even warmer still. Shoot, I might even get to wear my flip flops...I brought them just in case.

Tell you what, if I wouldn't get gauked at, I'd be highly tempted to bring along my laun chair and set up "beach keeping" in the truck stop parking lot. But I don't relish the kind of attention that would bring, not to mention that it wouldn't smell too pleasant either trying to get a tan in that location.

I have had my fill of winter. Give me the sun beating down wilting all my flowers, wind drying out my skin, and dust dust dust covering everything. Oh, for summer to arrive! Dont' get me wrong. I'll rejoice and be giddy as a school girl when the first snow flies next fall, but for now...I think I can speak for most all Montana residents (at least the ones I know)....we don't want to see another flake fall!

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Meagan said...

Doesn't it make you miss the Southern life just a little? lol :-) It's BEAUTIFUL today! :-)