February 6, 2009

For Lack of Something Better, Another Trucking 101

To say I've been uninspired to blog would be an understatment. I don't know if I've burned myself out on it, or maybe I'm just distracted by other interests right now. I'm nearly consumed with figuring out how to train myself and Ella for the show ring. The first show is in June, and I'm desperate to get her ready for it. We'll see what happens.

So anyway, most of my spare time this past week has been spent perusing the Chinese Crested Forum and the internet for information, making phone calls, and so on. I go from hopeless to hopefull every few minutes. Its tiring.

In happier news, Rachelle's Crested, Kloey, is delivering her litter as we speak. So far there are two powderpuff babies, one palamino and one black and white. I'll get pictures posted soon. Hoping for some little naked babies too!

We're in Nogales, AZ, so close to the border that many signs are in spanish first and english second. We delivered to a transfer warehouse, which means our peas will be loaded onto a Mexican truck this afternoon and taken across the border. Don't know yet what we're re-loading, but we'll find out within the hour.

We were home Wednesday and were able to meet Malcolm's mom and sister for lunch as they were in town delivering poodle puppies to a couple of people and putting one on the plane. So that was nice to be able to visit and then they came to the house so Malcolm could weld a piece for his Dad's tractor that had broken. Well I think it was for the tractor...not sure, but he welded something for him.

So thats about it. Thats what we've been doing. I have a couple of pictures of a sun ring and a few others, but I havn't downloaded them. Guess I'm just in a funk. But I'll get myself together here shortly, and get back on the ball.

In the mean time here's more Trucking 101 stuff. We'll postpone our lesson on Weigh Stations until I can get the illustrations needed. We havn't been through any weigh stations when I was awake but not driving so I could take photographs. I'll get them for you later.

But I remembered another trucking slang term:

four-wheeler - thats all you guys in the cars and pickups.

Trucking 101 tip for all your four-wheelers:

When you find yourself in a traffic jam, take notice of which lane the majority of the trucks are in. More than likely we've been on the CB chatting with trucks going the other direction and they have informed us which lane is blocked. Therefor is 75% of the trucks are in the right lane, more than likely the left lane is blocked or closed. Go ahead and save yourself and us some time. Merge into the appropriate lane. It's all the people that wait till the last minute to merge that makes the traffic slow down so much. And as for those trucks that arn't in the right lane, they are the ones that don't have their CB on. So ignore them.

My sister called me one time from a very frustrating traffic jam and wanted to know why these two trucks were driving side by side holding up traffic. She was rather perturbed with them. And I tryed to explain, though I don't fully understand how it works myself, that it is a beleif in the trucking world that if two trucks drive side by side in a traffic jam and hold back all the cars that would try to buzz ahead and ride out the closing lane to the end before merging, that it helps traffic ahead of them flow more smoothyl, the merge takes place faster, and it gets things rolling quicker. I don't understand exactly how it works, but thats whats going on and it does seem to work. So, if you find yourself in that predicament, just stay behind all the trucks. Chances are you'll get there just as fast as everyone else.

We have a saying out here. "There isn't any freight so hot that it can't cool off in the ditch." Meaning, that no load is so important that its worth risking damage to body or truck. The same could be said for you four-wheelers. There isn't anything so important that its worth risking your neck just to get in front of us or other cars. Slow down and enjoy the day. You'll get there sooner or later.

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Meagan said...

Like it... I'm still waiting on the weigh station lesson beacuse I can't remember what the computer/automated thingy is that allows trucks to pass on by.

You'll like this... My friend Web says he doesn't know why everyone worries over the big trucks, he says, "they drive for a living, it's everyone else I'm worried about." LOL! Pretty smart, I guess.