February 16, 2009

Abbreviated Home Time

In short we got home last night at 10:00 and here it is 5:45pm on Monday and we are on our way to the office to pick up a trailer and go to Salt Lake City. Well, it was a short break, but our longer breaks recently are out of the norm. We just got spoiled by them.
Nothing like walking in your back door late at night after being gone a week and discovering that your freezer went out while you were gone, and everything in it has thawed mostly, not to mention that at least two things (on the top shelf of course) leaked all over everything else and made a puddle on the bottom of the freezer.
Fortunatly the fidge half seems ok so far. We called a repair guy who couldn't come till tomorrow, so that will be next weeks project.
I spent my morning cleaning out the freezer, trying to salvage what I could (it wasn't completly thawed, I exagerated, but I threw away a lot of stuff because I was afraid of it). So nice...just love it when that happens.
In happier times this afternoon I cut quilt squares and ironed on the applique pieces I cut out last week, called and made an appointment for Ella and I to go to classes to learn how to be fancy show doggie and person, and watched 2 episodes of CSI that I had DVR'd as well as an episode of Dirty Jobs during which he visited a dairy and helped artificially insiminate cows and delivered calves. Awww......it is that time again! You should see all the itty bitty calves that are starting to show up in the corals and pastures around here. I love watching the new calves and lambs be born. That was really fun for me last year at the ranch.
So, that was it....now back to the road. I took some pretty scenery pictures Sunday evening as we were driving through the Madison Valley coming home. Malcolm woke up just in time to take over driving before the sun set. I even got a huge herd of elk for you. I'll get those posted...probably tomorrow. or so.

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Meagan said...

I know you like driving, and if you're happy then I am happy for you, but I REALLY wish you got to stay home and enjoy the Montana Sky and your yard, and horses, and most of all HOME!!!! Sounds like a nice, short break... even with the freezer issues!