July 27, 2012

What's Cookin'?

Nothing yet, but when I get home, hopefully lots of yummy things!

Y'all know I like to cook and I like cooking things. And I like Pampered Chef products to cook with.

Last year I hosted a blogger Pampered Chef party. It was kind of fun, and maybe a first in the blogging world, for all I know.

I just "hosted" another catalog show because my host discount was expiring. Time to get it renewed since it's good for a year from your show. I didn't blog about it because I've been a slacker blogging lately and didn't feel right saying "hey I know I haven't been blogging much lately and kind of abandoned all you, my dear blogging buddies, but come buy something and help me out."

Just didn't feel right.

But, my consultant just told me I'm one order away from reaching my goal. Technically the show ended today, but she opened it back up till Sunday. And I figured, "what the heck. It's good stuff and maybe my good bloggy friends won't feel like I'm using them."

I had a really hard time finding a Pampered Chef rep. when I moved so I know it can be hard to get a hold of one. So, if your interested, here's a link to our party.

Lots of good stuff and the guest special this month is a free ice cream scoop for all orders over $60.

No obligation, I just wanted to share the opportunity. And if you do order I really appreciate it!

Thanks for letting me use my blog to promote this, and I'll be back in a couple days with another travel post.

PS: Last year we learned that my Canadian friends can't order from my American party. They have to go to a Canadian consultant to order. I'm sorry! But thanks for being willing.


MTWaggin said...

Rock on girl - this is PERFECT I've been waiting years to get a replacement stone to bake on! Order has been placed, hope we've pushed you over the top.

Dreaming said...

As we drove through Idaho, on I -84, I couldn't help but think about you guys. I kept telling my hubby about the things you carry from here to there, as we went by a bunch of trucks unloading wheat for processing. Are you on the road now?

Meagan said...

Thanks sis!