July 4, 2012

Jeep Rides

Malcolm's first "car" was a jeep. He still has it though we haven't had it out in a long time, and I think it's in need of some work. But when we met, that was his vehicle and we used it to get around the ranch during my visit. It was lots of fun!
Malcolm loves jeeps! So when my dad shared with him that he was getting rid of his, Malcolm asked to buy it. And a year and a half ago we hauled it home to Montana. If you really need to know details like year, model, etc, ask me in comments and I'll find out for you. But he's out of the truck right now, and I don't know anything about it other than it's red.

He loves to take the jeep out. So when we need to go somewhere on the ranch that's distant, he often opts to take the jeep instead of going on a four wheeler. And one evening while we were home, he came to the house and asked if I wanted to ride along with him to check a water tank and pump that he and his Dad had been working on. My answer is almost always yes. I enjoy getting out, and I enjoy the jeep rides with him, as does Lucy.
she loves to go anywhere as long as she's going!
 It is a windy, dusty ride. I honestly think I come back to the house with more dust on me than if I had been on a four wheeler. It just kind of circulates in there with us. But it's still a fun way to travel around the ranch and surrounding area.
nice hair, huh? You wouldnt' believe the tangled mess it is when we're done, even though it's pulled back.
He drives. Lucy and I take in the scenery...
...and admire the wildlife.
bull snake
prong horn antelope
This particular well pump was down the road a ways. This time of day is the perfect lighting for good pictures. The sun is especially at a nice angle for self portraits.
I have heard a lot of people say that they don't like this part of the country. That driving through Nebraska and Kansas and the Dakotas bores them out of their minds. How? I never get tired of looking at the open plains! There is always something to see and admire, even if your admiring the fact that there is nothing!
I could look at it all day long!

We arrived at the windmill, where the cows had gathered. Looked like a meeting of some sort going on.
This was our destination. He just had to check some things real quick. The cows wondered off upon our arrival, and went back to grazing, but this one gal came back to get a drink and stuck around to watch the show. They are such curious critters.
favorite picture of the evening
Just a few minutes, and Malcolm had the job done. On a hot day on the dry plains, the sound of running water is a sweet thing.
We stayed a few minutes to watch and enjoy the moment, and then headed back home to wrap up the days chores.

Antelope! They are funny creatures!
Unlike a deer that will leap over a fence, or dive through it, and veer off in a perpendicular direction to where a vehicle is going to get away, antelope race you. They are trying to get away, but rarely does it seem to occur to them to just turn left or right. They run with you, and try to get ahead of you before turning away. It really is something to watch and they can really run when they mean it! I snapped a few pictures of the race and then had the idea to video it just in time to catch the tail end of our race. This herd stayed with us for quite a while. So here's a short clip of these antelope racing us in the jeep. You might want to turn your sound down if your hearing is sensitive because the jeep is noisy.

We left the house Thursday and went back to work. This is the end of my home time posts. After this one, your back on the road with us.


Shirley said...

They are fast aren't they? Did you clock them?
Glad you had a good time home, stay safe out there!

Kellie said...

I love that part of the world :) Wide open spaces, few people. Sometimes I wish we'd ended up in ND instead of WI.

Amazing how fast the antelope run!

Badlands said...

Our state has a unique beauty!

MTWaggin said...

It bores the people that don't have the presence to really LOOK and SEE what surrounds them. You have that sight and it is a blessing!

small farm girl said...

I didn't realize that they could run that fast!!!! Beautiful pictures.