June 19, 2012

Summer Days

We've been home for a little over a week now. Malcolm's spent most of his time working on the new, old truck getting it road ready, and also doing some things to the old, new truck getting it ready to sell.

I've been doing...not much of anything specific. I've done a little cleaning, a little visiting, and a lot of puttering. And of course I've spent some time with the horses. I love the way they look when they are all slicked out in their summer coats. Yesterday was one of the hottest days so far, but it was also one of the first days with no wind! I took advantage of that to get some much needed updated pictures of the herd.
 Dawn was the most cooperative! She was pretty patient with me while I decided how to go about doing our portrait shoot. I really like her look, and though she has her crabby moments, she sure makes nice babies!

After Dawn, it got a little more difficult No one wanted to stand nicely, but the pictures we got will suit my purposes. A big thanks to Malcolm's mom for helping me.
 Gemma will be a year old in a couple weeks. She's turning into a gorgeous girl! (but maybe I'm biased) She's also getting to be a handful. For as much as she loves to visit with me and will let me do anything, even crawl underneath her, she's also getting bad about trying to assert herself as being in charge when on a lead rope. We're going to work on that some because she's got the totally wrong impression somehow.
 Big brother, Sky, is now a 2 year old. What happened to the "terrible 2's?" This boy is a big push over, and still loves me to death. The feeling is mutual. The other day he followed me out of the pasture, through the corrals, and up to the garage to talk to Malcolm, all his own idea. No lead rope or even halter on. He just followed me out, stood around while we talked to Malcolm, and then followed me back to the other horses. When I left he was standing at the gate looking hurt that I'd left him behind. I had thought about selling him, but he's too much of a buddy to do that. Guess he's here for the long haul.
 Reba is also a 2 year old now. She just gets prettier and prettier. I love her sweet face. And she has a great personality. Very sweet and affectionate, but also rather adventurous. And her roaning is really pretty this summer. I'd only seen her in winter woolies since I got her in November. I really like her look.
 Fancy also joined us last November. She's a sweet mare, but still thinks everything is out to get her. Malcolm and I joke about all the "monsters" in Fancy's life. She's not spooky, but just thinks that any horse approaching her is going to pick on her, even if they are passing by. And I discovered that fly spray is a petrifying experience for her. Good grief!

Yesterday was a great day! Just one of those days that I was in a super great, but unexplainable good mood. I spent almost the whole day outside with the horses, and some inside helping Malcolm's mom organize some stuff. Then in the evening, after the guys came home from fixing a well, they hooked up the horse trailer and we went and picked up the boyfriend!
This is Puff Caddy. He's a Perlino Quarter Horse. He was thrilled to see my girls. The girls....not so much! And yes, Fancy thought he was going to eat her alive. But they are down in the corral getting acquainted, and I'm sure they'll fall in love given time. Come next summer, hopefully we'll have two gorgeous foals to enjoy! Caddy is Gemma's sire, and I'm hoping to get another one just like her out of Dawn. And it will be really interesting to see what Caddy and Fancy, who's a red dun, will produce. Time will tell!

....to be continued....


Pure Prairie Soap said...

Great post and update on the horses, Sarah!

Dreaming said...

You have exciting things happening... well, maybe.... you'll know in about a year!
Thanks for showing the pictures of everyone. They are all so pretty. I love Fancy's coloring. But then again, I think Reba is really pretty. Oh, and I like Gemma's markings. Well, and Buddy's striking and Dawn's simply gorgeous. Aw, heck. They are all beautiful! I agree, there is nothing nicer than a horse in a summer coat - all slick and shiny!

MTWaggin said...

So glad you are home and enjoying the time. Your hoofed kids all look fat and sassy and what fun! Now on to nakids....LOL

Shirley said...

Nothing like some quality horse time to give you the happies!
Don't worry about Gemma and the lead rope thing- they all go through it, you just need to let them know that behavior isn't acceptable, then show them what you want. Sky sounds like a sweety, he should be easy to start under saddle when the time comes.
So that's Puff Caddy! If he breeds the mares by the end of the month, you'll get late May/early June babies, perfect foaling weather usually.