June 8, 2012

For Those Inspired Moments While Driving

If your anything like me, you have inspired moments while you drive. I think of a million things I need to do, things I need to pick up at the store, phone calls I want to make, and on and on.....all while I'm driving.

If your anything like me, you have no skill at writing in a notepad and having it be legible while you drive, not to mention that while your at it, your having trouble staying in your lane. You cannot multi-task while driving. God did not give you that skill as he did others. You try to make notes about your brilliant ideas, add to your shopping list, jot down those important phone calls to make, and on and on.....and when your done driving and go back to your list, you can't decipher half of what you wrote down, and you don't remember what it was, and your not sure what happened to that car that was behind you earlier. (Ok I hope you know I'm exaggerating! I've never run anyone off the road....that I know of anyway.)

Trucking has served many purposes in my life, done me many favors, and one of them was to introduce me to a magic tool and teach me a little trick.

The magic tool is......the dry erase marker!
The little trick is......you can use it to write on your windows..
...and when your done driving and parked somewhere, you can transfer all your jotted down notes into a notebook, and then wipe the window clean with  your hand or a paper napkin. In the above picture I had reminded myself that I needed to schedule an allergist appointment, call the insurance company, I have no idea what that third note was about b/c this was a couple weeks ago, and then I wanted to email Karen at the Rough String to ask her about something I'd seen in her part of Oregon.

We actually have the dry erase marker with us to write down the odometer readings at the state lines because we have to report our mileage in each state for highway taxes. So every time we cross a state line, we jot down the last 4 numbers of the odometer reading on the window and then put them in notebook where we track it after we're done driving.

But I started using it to make my personal notes too. I found I could write down reminders and drive much more safely if I was writing on the window, PLUS....I can read it and know what I was thinking about....most of the time.  I'm right handed so I just reach across to the window and use my own little form of short hand, and steer with my left hand. Most of the time no one knows what I was writing down, but it's enough for me to remember the full import of the thought and get it in a notebook for later use.

So, just a thought, but if your anything like me, you might consider getting a dry erase marker to keep in the cup holder of your car. They sure are handy to have around.


Shirley said...

Cool idea! At first I thought you were going to say you had some kind of little tape recorder.

ACountryCowgirl said...

what an awesome idea!!!

Dreaming said...

That's so cool!

Badlands said...

I use the voice recorder on my iPhone. I can just push a button.....I cannot write & drive at the same time!

MTWaggin said...

That idea totally rocks! Next time I go by a trucker I'm going to check the windows! LOL

small farm girl said...

Plus you can draw birds and mountains if you ever get bored. hehehe