October 23, 2011

Takin' It Easy

On Thursday, we loaded in one of my favorite parts of Idaho. From I-15, you take US30 into the mountains of southeastern Idaho, past Lava Hot Springs,

and on into Soda Springs, where you turn north on a state highway that goes out to Conda, ID.  As you leave Soda Springs, there is a sign that warns of "no gas for 70 miles." My kind of place!

The colors on the mountains are amazing this time of year! And the vistas are always beautiful!
Conda, ID...I've seen no town by that name, though our GPS can find and lead us to "Conda." Maybe there is a town tucked away somewhere. I have no idea. But what IS there that we go to frequently, is a huge fertilizer plant.

We loaded fertilizer and hauled it to Othella, WA, delivering Friday morning. The plan was to load sunflower seed at Moses Lake and head to Minnesota. But we were told up front that the seed wasn't quite dry enough and we might have to wait.

By Friday evening it still wasn't dry enough, and so Malcolm decided since there was a chance we'd be here for a couple days, we'd splurge on a hotel room at the hotel across the road from the truck stop. So we loaded up our stuff, and the girls stuff, and the girls, and got ourselves settled in.

The lady here who has the seeds has been staying in touch with us. The seeds are close to being ready and we're hoping today is the day. We'd like to be sitting in Minnesota in the morning. We should know if we can load in a couple hours.

In the mean time, we've been enjoying the luxury of showers every day, sometimes two just for fun! And watching TV in our pajamas all day, catching up on rest.

The girls haven't had any complaints. They had lots of new spaces to explore, lots of fun running around and over the top of the bed, and to their great delight, the room has a king size bed, which means all 5 of us fit!
It has been nice for a change, relaxing, and good to be out of the truck for a spell. But its still not home, and we're getting restless, tired of watching TV, and being stationary for so long.

Hope we get on the road today!


Shirley said...

I guess it's okay for princesses to have a king-sized bed!
hope it doesn't delay you getting home, even though it's restful.

Meagan said...

Hope you get your loade delivered, get back to your area of the world, and get some time off soon! Glad you got to relax for a couple of days though!

Madge @ The View From Right Here said...

Love your road shots...and that country as well... wide open and mostly wild... my kind of place too!

Carol in Colorado said...

Glad you had some down time even though it wasn't at home. Hopefully your load came through and you are on your way. I love the photos of Idaho. It's beautiful country up that way!

MTWaggin said...

I'm glad you are getting to hit the pause button for a few days. I think you all needed it. Your photos of Conda are wonderful and of course I adore the one of the girls!

Dreaming said...

Sometimes I really enjoy just hanging out at a hotel. I used to have to travel to conferences and workshops, and that was part of the 'fun'. But... it does grow old pretty quickly. Within a day I was already hankering for home.

Thanks for the comment on driving. I am a true beginner. I drove a little tiny bit as a teen ager. There is a fellow around here that does week-long institutes. That's where I've gotten most of my 'experience'. I also joined a driving society and have had some workshops through the club and some impromptu lessons with members. I have a lot to learn!!!!

Jennifer said...

Your are blessed to be able to see such pretty country! We are in a dry, dry desert wasteland. And sometimes I wish so much for something pretty to see!