October 18, 2011

More of the Same

My sister and her family just returned home from a magical trip to the Magic Kingdom,

and Mom and Dad are driving around the Oregon coast as we speak on an incredible dream vacation.

What are we doing? We are on yet another trip from North Dakota to California. All 5 of us are getting really bored with the scenery on this route. The dogs don't even come up to the cab much any more. Even the stuffed ones are sick and tired of this trucking thing.
Which is why I haven't blogged for a while, a little over a week actually. Seeing the same thing over and over does not inspire much. I just haven't been in the mood, haven't had much of interest to share, and quite frankly, I've been too tired to care much about anything. Tired from driving and weary of the road. Which sounds pathetic, and I'm not shopping for sympathy. Just telling you where I've been.

But for whatever reason, the blogging mood struck this morning around 3:00 and I composed three blog posts in my mind as I drove, and then had to choose. I decided to just go update you on what we've been up to and then share other stuff later.
Mt Shasta as viewed from Weed, CA
Last week I think I told you, after our long weekend waiting in Sacramento, we took a load of pears to Portland? Did I tell you or was that on facebook? Well, anyway, that's what we did, and from Portland we bounced empty over to Moses Lake, WA to load more sunflower seeds. Yes, sunflower seeds. I think its the only thing anyone grows anymore!

Along the way, we drove the Columbia River Gorge again, which is always enjoyable, and stopped at a little rest area to take a quick break, and even though we were in a hurry, I took the time to take a picture of Beacon Rock and read the plaques there. It was interesting. I have a dream of taking a vacation like Mom and Dad's with no agenda in which I stop at every single roadside point of interest, all the ones I've driven past over the last 5 years and not gotten to stop to see. Maybe I'll stop at them all twice on my dream trip just to make it up to myself.

 Also on the way to Moses Lake, after leaving the river and heading across the high plains of Washington, we found the Columbia again, and crossed it again. I love the way the sky looks in this picture, like that gap in the mountains is sucking not only the river water up, but the sky and clouds too. Kind of interesting.
 And on the other side of the river, we climbed the big hill, passing this little water fall...
 ...and also Wild Horses Monument.
 All of those things can be seen from I-90 in central Washington, and we've seen them all before. More of the same for us. But I've not put them on the blog, I think, so it was new stuff to show you so there you go!

And then we arrived in Moses Lake to load our sunflower seeds.

 From there, it was off to Breckenridge, MN, once again, more of the same. Drove through Montana which took all night, and morning found us in western North Dakota on a beautiful morning driving past Theodore Roosevelt National park. Doesn't this picture just make you ache to climb on a horse and go explore?
Miles and miles of exploring to be done there. One of these days....
After our sunflower seed load, we took a load of beet pulp pellets to California. More of the same. We made record time so we could get there and deliver early (like 3:00am) Saturday morning, so we could drive back to Sacramento and load sunflower seeds for Fargo. More of the same.

We left Sacramento with what was to be the last load of sunflower seeds from there until November...probably. They were too moist and so they stopped harvesting for a while until the seeds have time to dry out more.

By Sunday morning sunrise, I was west of Billings, MT passing the Crazy Mountain range in a mist of rain with a rainbow behind me and a gorgeous sunrise in front.

We delivered in Fargo yesterday morning, then sat most of the day waiting for Devils Lake, ND to have enough product to load us.

We left there around midnight last night, and this morning we were west of Billings again, looking at the Crazy Mountains from a different angle with a little more snow on top, and a lot more sunshine.
We're hauling another load of pea flour to that mill in Sacramento. More of the same. And from what I hear, we're loading in Stockton tomorrow morning, and heading to Idaho.

From Idaho, who knows. But we're supposed to get home next week sometime...preferably early on. And I swear! If I see California again before we go home for a break, I'll scream!
Ella agrees. She's already practicing. It's been a very successful round on the road, but I think we're all in agreement. Nine weeks is too long to be gone!

I know this whole post sounds rather negative, but I have to share the ups and downs if this is truely going to be a representation of my life. And right now, even though I still enjoy my job and don't want to be doing something else, its just time for a break! I'm physically and mentally weary. But one more week, and I can rejuvinate and boy howdy, am I looking forward to it! Home and Horses... two things that are a garuntee to make me feel better.


Carol in Colorado said...

I love the shots of the Columbia River. The Wild Mustang statutes were neat to see. I had no idea it existed. Nine weeks on the road would be a very long time to be away from home. I hope you get a nice break soon. Stay safe on the roads.

Michaele said...

My butt hurts just thinking about being on the road that long. HOW you two can still be married is beyond me. How is that for negative. You sooo deserve a break. You won't care what the weather is as long as it is in Montana. Safe travels my friend.

TexWisGirl said...

i agree with michaele's comment! boy, howdy! thanks for sharing your life honestly - both good and bad. makes us appreciate the products we all use that have been trucked back and forth across country even more...

Meagan said...

Beautiful pictures... the one of the river with the bright blue sky and puffy while clouds was my favorite! I am ready for you to get a break too - y'all have been busy busy!! :-) I know after a trip home you'll have penty to post about! LOVE YOU!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I didn't know about the mustang statues. Thanks! I understand about needing a break. You are still seeing beauty everywhere - well, almost everywhere ;-) - so really not as negative as you think!

May have some exciting horse news, but I'm holding my breath until it actually happens!

Dreaming said...

Thanks for showing us the Wild Horses Monument. What a beautiful sight for those who haven't actually seen them run wild!
I would be in a funk with that much driving, too. I did find it interesting that you think of/compose blog posts as you drive. I do that as well. Can't wait to read what you have come up with!

MTWaggin said...

Not negative, just honest! Nothing wrong with that and sometimes writing it out makes it leave one's system. Love the shots of the girls of course and hope you will have some home time soon.