August 25, 2011

Bulls, Broncs and the County Fair

Sad to say, even though I've lived in Montana for almost five years, until this year I had never attended the Fallon County Fair. We just never seemed to manage to be home when it was going on. That is, until this year!

The Fallon County Fair was last week, and though we didn't go every day, we did make sure we had time to go on Sunday, our last day at home before hitting the road again!

Its a small town and so its a small fair, but it was fun just the same. There is just something about fair time! Our first mission upon arrival was to get some food. Indian Tacos is this family's traditional fair food, and so Peggy and I claimed a table...
...while the guys stood in line and waited for the food.

Once we'd filled our empty tummies, we headed over to the displays to see what there was to see, and then over to the barn to check out the animals. There were the usual barn yard friends, waiting patiently for their rides to come take them home, as it was the last day of the fair. There were a number of dairy goats...
...quite a selection of sheep,...
...several hefty hogs...
...and two batches of wee ones. They sure are a lot cuter when they are this size!
Sight seeing completed it was time to head to Sunday's main attraction....the PRCA rodeo!
I love a good rodeo, especially the ones that are outside like this. There is just something special about it in this setting. I had fun with my camera, trying to capture the action. I know I should limit the number of pictures I put up on here, but there were just too many fun ones. So forgive me for getting carried away! I'm going to put you through rodeo overload.
Here's a fun filled run through of our afternoon at the rodeo:

First was some bronc riding -

Then they had the calf roping -

The steer wrestling didn't go so well, so I didn't get any pictures during that event. But then they went back to some more bronc riding and I got carried away.

The next one is my favorite of all my pictures from the day.
 Part of our big reason for coming to the rodeo was to watch family friend, Jesse Bail, ride. Jesse is currently #7 in the saddle bronc riding. I've gotten to watch him ride once before, several years ago at another rodeo.

As Malcolm said when Jesse's ride was over, "he makes it look so easy." And seriously, he does. Its like he's just sittin' on the horse waiting for it to finish doing its thing so he can get off. Since he's in the top 15, he'll be going to National Finals Rodeo in Vegas again this year. I've heard its quite a show. Maybe one day we'll get to go watch him ride there.
And of course he won the day's event!

After the bronc riding, there was a round of barrel racing. This event used to not interest me, but now I think it looks fun. Wish I'd been more aware of things when I was of the age to pursue this type of stuff. I think it would have been fun to compete.

 Besides, you get to wear really cute clothes and one girl had a hat on that I absolutely need for my own head!

And as usual, they saved the bull rides for last. Lots of action and entertainment there!

this is another favorite from the day's events

After the rodeo, we enjoyed ice cream with some friends, then said our goodbyes as we won't be seeing them till we get home for our next break. Then we did another pass through the animal barn, where most of them had managed to hitch a ride home.
By that time it was time to get home ourselves and finish packing the truck for work. But before we left town, we swung into the airport to take some pictures for Malcolm's dad.
After years of talking about flying, he started taking the steps towards making that dream come true. Several months ago he bought himself this amazingly beautiful aircraft. I'm looking forward to a ride in it one day in the near future!
Maybe I'll even learn to fly it myself! Why not?
If I can learn to be comfortable driving this rig, surely I can learn to fly a plane!

We left Monday morning on a short trip in North Dakota. Then we reloaded Monday night in Devil's Lake, ND and drove straight through to Elk Grove, CA, arriving yesterday morning. Unfortunately there were some complications with our load, but 24 hours later, we are finally unloaded and reloaded and on our way to Idaho for a morning delivery. And so, we're back on the road. Let the adventures begin! (as long as they are the good, fun type of adventures!)


Cynthia Eloise said...

there is nothing like a county fair. it's just not the same in the big cities. it's the little ones that are the best.

boy when you guys hit the road you really mean it. from montana to SD and california in such a short time.

cd0103 said...

I love Jesse Bail! Thanks for the photos!

TexWisGirl said...

you had me as soon as you said indian tacos. my hubby has had some of those and sent me pictures... that flatbread looks delicious! and filling!

good luck being on the road again. btw, i love the new profile pic of the 2 of you. :)

Jake said...

We made Indian tacos last night! Great pictures of the rodeo.

hannamades said...

Fun to see pictures of the Fallon County Fair! Brings back many memories. :)

Dreaming said...

Your action shots are fantastic! Thanks for putting so many on the blog. I love it when you caught feet off the ground - cool!
As for barrel racing... you are still of an age! Why not?!
The plane is beautiful! My brother flies. He took me for a few rides. It was hard to get over the fact that this was the guy who popped me off his motorcycle by doing wheelies, on several occasions! But he as matured and our flights were fun. He even handed me the wheel at one point - talk about white knuckles! I think after driving a rig, through ice and snow, flying a small plane would be a piece of cake!

Louise said...

Great pictures of the Fair. I was glad to see that at least one of the bull riders was wearing a helmet.

Valerie said...

Great pics of the rodeo! Ranching must be lucrative if he can afford an airplane and lesson to fly.

Michaele said...

Indian Tacos and rodeos, two things I live for : ) Great photos! Barrel racers are always too fast for my camera. Glad you are getting to spend more time off the road this summer.

Leigh said...

Woo hoo! I'm back online after 2 weeks of a lightening fried network card and no internet!

What a lot of great photos. I wish we had a real state fair here. Loved the photo of the dairy goats!

Shirley said...

You sure got some good photos, I especially like the calf roping shots. What camera do you use?
Barrel racing and piloting are both attainable goals!

Meagan said...

The Fair looks like so much fun! :-) You took some great pictures too!!!

Mike said...

Really good pictures of the rodeo there. It was almost as exciting as actually being there.

thecrazysheeplady said...

You have the funnest blog :-D

servusmariaen said...

Wow. I grew up going to the Fallon County Fair. It seems there used to be a lot more rides and games when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s. I havent been to one since the late 80s. Brings back a lot of memories...