August 3, 2011

Because I Love Birds

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you already have picked up on my love of horses. It should be obvious that I adore my naked dogs. And you might even have come to realize that I think chickens are fantastic and have big ideas about a future flock.

And some of you might have even come to realize what those who are close to me have known for some time. I am a bird fanatic.

I LOVE birds. I came by it honest. Its a gene that got passed down to me from my mother. And she got it from her mother. The three of us could sit at the window, or better yet on the porch, and watch birds come to our feeders for hours on end.

One would think I pick up horse related nicknacks, and though those do find their way into the rooms of our house, I'm much more likely to spend money on something frivolous if it has a bird on it. Such as this book mark...
...which came home with me from Pier One back in June, even though I already have a number of bookmarks that don't even get used.

And then there is this dish...
...that somehow found its way into our truck after we had breakfast at a Cracker Barrel in New Mexico. Actually I'd looked at these a number of times over the spring and summer and when I found them on the sale rack for $2, I decided it had earned its way to my library book shelf. For what, I can't say. Perhaps it will collect stray buttons, pins, or just sit there empty. But it seemed to need me to take it home.

My mother-in-law has gotten into collecting polish pottery pieces. She has some gorgeous dishes, bowls, and tea cups. And one day when I was over at her house, she was unpacking a newly arrived box. I was delighted when she walked into the room carrying a pretty tea cup and saucer and exclaimed over how pretty they were, not realizing that she was bringing them to give to me, not just show me. She'd seen them on her pottery search and bought them for my birthday. My family indulges my love of birds.
So now you know I'm a bird-a-holic. I know a number of you are as well. And so I just had to show you my newest find. Because I not only love birds, but I also love books and when the two are combined, I'm beyond happy.

Last week, my mother-in-law and I ran to Bowman, ND for tractor parts (we seem to be doing that a lot lately) and while we were there, she wanted to stop in the library and check out what was in their book room. The library has a book room where they shelve all their "extras," books that have been donated that they can't use, books that they have too many copies of, books that they just don't need anymore. These books are available for the taking, though they suggest a donation to help them out, and we are happy to give it.

I wasn't in the market for a book. I just went along for the ride. But of course I walked out with three books! One on herb gardening, a cook book, and this treasure!
The most recent copyright date I can find on it is 1904, though the book is not nearly that old. However, it is old enough that the information is out of date. Some of the birds had names that were slightly off from what they are known as today. For instance, there is a "Cedar bird" of the waxwing family. Umm...don't they mean Cedar Waxwing? So its old, I just don't know how old. I paid $1 for this book!

"What", you may ask, "does she want with an out of date bird identification book?"

I'll show you! For $1, I got these...
The book is filled with gorgeous illustrations! Some of them are just breathtaking, in that vintage kind of way. I'm picturing some of them framed in vintage frames and hanging in my bird themed library.

The mockingbird warmed my heart. He will get used for something because he is the Tennessee state bird. Maybe I'll hang him next to my cross-stitched Tennessee picture.

And of course if I do that, then I'll need to hang the western Meadowlark picture next to my cross-stitch of Montana.

And this one was really lovely. I love the gold finches and was delighted to discover that they come visit me in Montana. They pass through our area in the springtime during migration and fill the yard with their pretty songs and chirps, splashes of bright color in a still winter-drab landscape.
So, I was wondering if you had any ideas or inspirations to share after seeing my new treasure. There are about 15-20 really nice illustrations in here, and I can't put them all on my walls, because that would just be too much. What else can I use these for in order to display and enjoy them? Any ideas?


Lisa said...

Suggestion: share with your fellow birdaholic family!:-)

TexWisGirl said...

i know filling your walls would be a bit much. have you thought about getting some thin frames and mounting them inside your kitchen cupboard doors? that way they're only enjoyed when you open a cabinet? same thing goes for the back of room doors. a way to put a montage of vintage photos on display but not all the time...

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

I wouldn't carve up that book. But that's just me. Aren't those old identifying illustrations known as "plates"?

Meagan said...

OH MY!!! I love the book find! I mean, I love it all, but the book photographs are great! You can totally do a photo-wall display and frame as many as you like! Check out this link: http://www.potterybarn.com/design-studio/articles/living_rooms_create_a_frame_gallery.html

Also, check out this border that was done with frames! Very neat idea: http://www.cupolabarn.com/pottery-barn-frames-wall/

I also LOVE the bookmark and the photo you took of the bookmark is wonderful!!!

LOVE YOU! Hope I get to spend a day in your library sometime in the next year or so! ;-) xoxox

Louise said...

I wouldn't destroy the book, either. At least see if you can find out any information about it first. They're beautiful plates, but, that book might have value all on its own. And, it looks like it's in pretty good condition.

Those plates are just gorgeous!

Valerie said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a treasure! What a find!!! And I'll be rushing to Pier One tomorrow to see if I can find me a book mark. It's precious.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Torn on destroying the book, but if you do, what about making your own calendar? Get your local copy shop to assemble it spiral bound and then the following year, replace all the calendar sheets and run through all the pretty pictures again :-).