July 17, 2011

Sunday Stills: People

This weeks Sunday Stills topic was to photograph people, which is a real challenge for me. I'm rarely happy with how my people pictures turn out.

Redding, CA on Friday:
We stopped on an exit ramp to let the girls out, and Malcolm made a discovery...
...a WALL of blackberry bushes!

I'm more timid than Malcolm about stuff I can't wash off first, and since he's not timid, and since he LOVES blackberries...well he was in heaven.

The canes were loaded with HUGE berries that were so tempting...

ok, I know there's no people in this one, but you had to see the berries!
...that I caved in and ate a few myself! California roadside blackberries...the sweetest I've ever eaten!

How could I just stand by and let him have all the fun?

There was no hiding the evidence that he'd thoroughly enjoyed himself!

A very happy truck driver!

And then that picture gave me another idea to work on...

And then we started getting goofy. Sleep deprivation has a tendency to do that to you! And so, I present my favorite picture of the whole experience, and its a favorite because its a goof up. I don't know exactly what caused it, but it looks like he's giving a lecture on trucking in front of a giant TV screen.
I promise I did not photo shop this!

He's pointing to the steps, so I told him he must have been speaking on the importance of "three point contact." (that is to always have three points of contact when getting in or out of the truck, for safety)

That's it for my Sunday Stills this week. To see more contributions to this fun weekly photo challenge, visit the Sunday Stills blog!

And be sure to check back in with me in the next couple days. The coolest thing happened this weekend and I can't wait to tell you about it!


Ed said...

LOL! That last shot is priceless, nothing better than fresh blackberries..:-)

Louise said...

Now, that is one beauty of a rig. It's sleek, and sophisticated and looks like a powerful cat. Three points of contact, huh? I'd need that, and a huge shove from behind, to get up into that.

You have a very handsome husband, by the way. What does it say about me, that I mention the truck first?

Lisa said...

Hi Sarah.
That last photo was great! I laughed right out loud! : )
Lisa in Maine

Wander Woman said...

I had to chuckle, my post is much like this one--we picked blueberries! And the photos on the 'trucking speech' are priceless! LOL!


VioletSky-Sightlines said...

He looks as if he is in heaven as he eats these.
And that last shot is wonderfully composed!

Meagan said...

I saw the last one on facebook yesterday and it still cracks me up! Those blackberries look SO good AND easy to get to (a rare find in the blackberry world). Cobbler anyone? lol

Michaele said...

Oh that is too funny. He really does look "separated" from that photo. How could he pick just a few blackberries is what I want to know.
Anxiously awaiting your news.

Brenda said...

I love blackberries! I grew up with them in PA. Delicious! too funny abot the truck photos! I don't have my SS shots yet, but hopefully later today! lol It's hot here, so I better hurry up before the 100 degree temps hit again today! Hope you are staying cool!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

"This here is a truck. Them there is the steps."

Goofballs ;-) Great pic, nice rig!

texwisgirl said...

oh, i'd have been two-fisted berry pickin' along with your hubby! and that last photo is too funny! he could be a weatherman!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those blackberries.


gtyyup said...

I miss blackberries!!!

OK...I think Malcolm should be gettin' some sort of compensation from the truck manufacturer (Peterbuilt?). He's givin' 'um way too good of an advertisement to not get paid!

The Village Queen said...

Wow that is one big beautiful truck, husband too! Great pictures and Id have picked a bucketful of berries, then headed to the store for vanilla icecream for under them! Yum!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm guessing you zoomed in for the "odd" shot. I don't know the technical reasons, but when you zoom, it compresses everything front to back. That's why sometimes my paddocks look really small. I've never thought of staging something like this though. VERY FUN! Good job!