July 17, 2011

A Memorable Evening in Portalnd

Late Saturday afternoon we rolled into Portland, OR.
I was excited!
I'd been looking forward to getting to Portland since Friday morning!

The reason you ask? I'll tell you! But first let me ask you...

...do you recognize these feet?

Many of you just might recognize them, but if not, its probably because we usually see them clad in green rubber boots while visiting with a couple of donkeys and a certain llama, or perhaps taking a stroll with a pair of mischievous goats. Do you recognize them yet?

My excitement was all about getting to meet the person attached to these feet! And Saturday evening, it finally happened!

If you haven't figured out yet who it is, I'll go ahead and tell you.
Danni, otherwise known as farmgirldk of On the Way to Critter Farm, and her husband came into Portland to have dinner with us at the truck stop!
I have to tell you, I've enjoyed reading Danni's blog for many months now! She has a gift for writing and sharing her life and her animals in pictures. On the Way to Critter Farm is one of my favorite blogs. I never leave her blog without a smile on my face, even on the bluest of days!

But reading some one's blog and meeting them in person are two different experiences all together. The idea of meeting bloggers is fun, but when it comes down to it, you start to worry a little! Kind of like reading a book and thinking its great, but when you go to see the movie it just doesn't work for you and then the book is kind of ruined too?

I didn't have any anxiety about meeting Danni, though. And I was at ease for good reason! Do you ever meet someone and instantly know you're really going to like this person?

It was that kind of experience! Both Danni and her husband were such nice people, and we had so much fun! So much in fact that it was hard to get a good picture of the two of us to document our meeting! Too much laughter and goofing around!

But Malcolm and Danni's husband kept snapping away with the cameras and eventually we managed to get a few that were usable.

It was a great visit. We laughed, and talked, and told stories! It was just a great time. And then of course the girls wanted to meet her too, because they love hearing the stories about the farm dog, Roxie, and the llama and goats and chickens, so we walked out to the truck for a visit.

Danni was thoroughly welcomed and loved on!

And then, sadly, it was time to draw the evening to a close. Goodbyes were said, last hugs and handshakes given, and just as I thought the sparkle of the evening was over, Danni came skipping back over to me with a gift!

I'll be rationing this out to make it last, and every sweet berry burst of flavor will remind me of our fun evening with a treasured blogging friend!

Since we got together on my turf this time, at the truck stop, we're going to try to have our next get together in her territory, the barn! Now that I met the critter's lady, I'd really like to meet the critters too!

Thank you Danni and "Ed" for a marvelous evening of laughs and memories!


Dreaming said...

Magical! How incredibly cool to meet a blogger - how interesting, since you know so much about each other, yet have never been face to face.

small farm girl said...

I love meeting other bloggers! It's fun to fit a face to the words. :) I'm glad you guys got the chance to meet. Looked like you had fun.

Louise said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit. How exciting that you got to meet another blogger. Off to explore Critter Farm.

gtyyup said...

Awesome!!! We look forward to seein' the two of you again too!

Meagan said...

Well written post! It made me smile and happy for you! PLUS, that picture of you two was GREAT! You're looking pretty hot sister!! ;-)

Danni said...

Oh, Sarah, this was just so much fun. I, too, knew we would hit it off famously. :-)
And what a great idea Malcolm had for us to stand in front of that hanging basket of flower. Did you notice how nicely our tops color-coordinated with those gorgeous flowers?
Sorry about the karate-chop to the neck in that first joint photo... not sure what you said that made me want to do that. Ha!!!
The doggy girls are dolls, the truck is supremely awesome, and you and Malcolm are delights - it felt really good to laugh with you guys.
♥ ♥ ♥

texwisgirl said...

you two are both beautiful ladies, and i can only imagine the fun you had meeting up in person! so cool! i REALLY loved seeing the feet first, then meeting your feet.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That is so fun! Love your photos together.

Farmer Jen said...

I do recognize those feet! Sounds like you had a very nice visit in the wonderful city of Portland.

Annette said...

I found your site through Danni's. I look forward to following you on your journeys (those blackberries looked great!).

CaliforniaGrammy said...

What a fun post. I never would have recognized Danni's feet. As you said, we normally see them in muck/garden boots! You've got a great blog Sarah . . . one that I will check into often. So sorry to read about the awful storm you recently endured.

I'm glad you enjoyed our California blackberries. Oregon has some beauties just growing along the roadside too, did you find them?