May 10, 2011

Steamed..and I'm not talking vegetables!

Just thought, in the interest of sharing all things trucking, I'd vent on our newest development.

One week and two days after getting the truck back from the shop..."all fixed"....we find ourselves in the remote regions of eastern Montana, limping our way to Billings, in a truck that says we need to check the engine...again.

And on top of that, it keeps cutting our power off. The truck's running, but periodically we find ourselves mashing the accelerator to the floor with no response. So fun, when your going up hill, in a one lane construction zone. Traffic is minimal in this part of the state, but we're still not real popular with the ones who are on the road.

111 miles to go, the truck goes in the shop in the morning, and hopefully the dairy cows in Idaho aren't really hungry. Hopefully their owners have a good supply laid in and the stuff in our trailer is just "extra." Cause they aren't going to see it in the morning, or any time real soon!

So...needless to say...we're in a less than cheerful mood here in the truck, and trying really hard to be happy and grateful (well I am grateful) to the Lord that He allowed this to happen on a stretch of road that takes us home, instead of southern California. But at times like this its hard...HARD...to be grateful for anything. And really, as nice as it is to be home, even that isn't much consolation right now, b/c its not where we need to be at the moment.

And that's all I'm going to say about it, b/c if I keep going, this post might get really ugly. You get my drift.

This is the second post today, so for more interesting reading go on to the next post below. And as to when you might hear from me again...I think I'll let the temper cool off and things calm down some. Might take a while, depending on what Kenworth says in the morning, and what we have to say to them.

Till then,
I'm Steaming Mad in Montana


gowestferalwoman said...

lets grrrrrr together !!!

>:E "grrrrrrrrrrr"

Pirate women of the East coast of Montana unite!

Okay, I hope that made you feel better, and tell your semi to get better soon!!!

Dreaming said...

And, I don't suppose there is any recourse as far as getting money back from the shop that "fixed" the truck? I'm assuming you will be at a different shop....I'd be steamed, too!
I hope it is a quick and easy fix.

Sylvan said...

Im really sorry, Sarah... I hate weeks like this... hope you get the help you need and the answers you want...

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

It's probably something real simple like a sensor gone bad or something. Some engines are programmed to cut the power back on little things such as a low coolant level for example. Hope they get ya up and running real soon Sarah. I kinda hate all the new technology going into trucks anymore. They used to be so simple.