May 10, 2011

Remembering Blue Skies

May has been gorgeous where ever we have gone! That is until last night. We ran in rain drizzle all the way from Idaho over into North Dakota. It turned into a down pour for most of the way through eastern Montana and we even drove through some snow...yes SNOW...near Butte and Bozeman.

North Dakota this morning is a soppy sodden mess. I was going to get a picture to demonstrate the effect, but it seems my camera battery has gone dead. So its charging and you'll have to miss out on the picture of mud, but I'm sure we all know what mud looks like, do we not?

Last week was a slow week. We ran three small loads of fertilizer in the Idaho and Montana region, then took a load of seed potatoes from Montana to North Dakota, and then loaded sunflower seed in Minnesota bound for Spokane. That was on Thursday but couldn't be delivered till Monday, so we had another long weekend at home. Good for the spirit, hard on the purse strings. But I'd rather sit at home than on the road if we're going to be sitting anyway.

Sunflower seeds were dropped off yesterday morning bright and early, and then we reloaded mustard seed near Moses Lake, WA and brought that through the snow and rain to western North Dakota. It is human consumption grade seed, but I'm not sure of how it is going to be packaged, ground into liquid for hotdogs or poured into bottles for spice drawers. We got here 3 hours ago, but just now began unloading. The rain had to stop so that they would unload us. We generally load and unload outside, so if its raining, it puts a damper on our work so to speak. Hopefully it holds off long enough to get this done. I think they just finished the first hopper. We've got to go 120 miles east of here to reload, another "outside" situation, so hopefully its not raining there when we arrive, or we'll have to sit and wait there as well. If all goes as planned, we'll be in Idaho in the morning to deliver.

In light of all the mud, I thought I'd share a few blue sky pictures from the past weeks.

east of Great Falls on 4/27/11

Southern Idaho last Tuesday

west of Bozeman, MT on Wednesday last week

This middle picture is my favorite. And now after looking at these, I can easily remember what blue skies look like, so I'll recognize them when they return.


Michaele said...

It is neat that you have interesting and changing loads you carry.
Is Montana still the Big Sky Country?

gowestferalwoman said...

Oh I love those photos - BLUE SKY!

Unbelievable, but Miles city and Billings each had record rainfalls!