October 3, 2010

Sunday Stills: Green and Red

Wasn't feeling motivated lately and so Sunday Stills fell to the wayside. However, last night driving across the Oregon mountains on our way to Woodland, WA I had a bit of inspiration. So here is my contribution to this weeks Sunday Stills challenge which was to photograph the colors red and green within the same picture.

The dash lights in our truck. Notice the speedometer and take heart. I wasn't driving when I took the photo. Even though I was pretty excited about the challenge and eager to try it out. I have had little luck getting night shots with lights in them so I knew I had to wait till the truck was stopped before trying for it. It was hard to be patient, but its best that way. Might have given some of you a heart attack if the speedometer said something like 65mph!  (and since I was in Oregon that would have also indicated that I was speeding...which I never do!  ;)  

Feeling better today, a little more upbeat. Thank you all for the encouragement yesterday. I think that helped me quite a bit! Part of my problem was feeling a bit lonely and your words of friendship and encouragement boosted my spirits. I love my blogging friends! Wish we could all get together and meet in person. But I'm working on that, one blogger at a time!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Clever photo. And perfect for you. Something you see every day. hehe!

Don't forget to let me know when you're coming through the Tijeras Canyon again. I hope we can get together if our schedules work out.


Shirley said...

You took a good photo. But look at that fuel economy rate! The cost of fuel must be high; do you use a fleet card? glad to know your spirits are lifter a little. If you are ever hauling to Bonners Ferry or Sandpoint Idaho, let me know! They aren't far from here. If you get a chance for a layover there, bring your passport and come visit- you're always welcome.

Lisa said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better!! We all have those days...

Linda said...

Perfect! I never thought of the dashboard of a vehicle being red and green.....Ed missed that one;)

Ed said...

I should have thought of that, but then my dash lights are orange. Great shot for the night. Practice makes perfect.
Be Safe, winter is on its way....:-)

henrygl said...

Thatz something really different from all posts.

Ever wonder how we know which side is the gas filling button on a new car? juz check out the handle of the pump on the screens.If handle is at right, then ur filling button is at right side of the car......simple :)