October 8, 2010


Along with reading, I have other hobbies, one of which is quilting. I'm not too good at it, but I'm learning. My biggest frustration is that I'm not home to do it much. So projects are slow in getting completed.

This is my latest, one I started last Christmas.
I finished it, finally, the last time we were home for a couple days.

The problem with a project lasting that long is that I was sick of it and had to force myself to sit down and finish it.

But now that it's done I'm happy I finally got it stitched up. Now to get it off to the quilters. I think part of the problem with my motivation to finish it was that my original intent for it was changed, and I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with it. But now I have a little idea niggling at the back of my mind.

Anyway, there you go...another tidbit about me. Another project complete.

And now....I'll be hitting the quilting stores and websites. I've refrained from buying any more projects till I finished the heart quilt. It was hard, but the shopping frenzy is going to be sweet!


Anonymous said...

ok I just let out a little squeel when I heard your new song start. =) Awesome!!!!

I love your quilt. I suck at sewing. I stick to yarn it's a little more forgiving. I can take things apart and do over if I want.

ACountryCowgirl said...

wow you are so talented!!! what a beautiful quilt. See I learn new things about you all the time:)

small farm girl said...

Beautiful quilt! You need to get one of those hand held sewing machings. That way you can take it on the truck. hehehehehe

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous quilt!! So pretty and colorful!!! You've inspired me to finish many of my projects that are waiting on me too.