September 14, 2010

Looking Around

When last I posted here, we were en route to Baker, MT with a load of fertilizer. It had been hinted at that there might be a load from near there to Pennsylvania. While I was looking forward to that b/c it was something different, the practical side of me wasn't thrilled. For starters, we're not registered to run in that state so we would have had to get trip permits and that sort of thing. Also it would have been a lot of toll roads to go where the load was headed. But most significantly, loads out of that part of that part of the country don't pay too good.

So, I was not too terribly disappointed when our broker had something different in mind when it was time to reload. He had a load of safflower seed loading in Glendive that went to Kansas for a Monday delivery. Paid a little less, but stayed in a good part of the country. And the best part....it meant we could spend the weekend at ranch with Malcolm's parents.

We got there Friday evening and just kicked back. Malcolm's mom had just gotten back from a trip to CA to visit family and so she was just as eager to relax and get some rest as we were. That's pretty much what we did all day Saturday too, except the four of us did take a brief 4-wheeler ride to look around some.

It was initiated by me. I wanted to go out and see if I could get a better picture of Sky for his papers. One without his legs all stained from red mud like they were in the last pictures I got. 
So we went looking at the horses.
and then they left.
Then Malcolm's dad wanted to check on some of his cows that were the late calvers. So we went and looked at cows...
...and then they left.
On the way back to the house, we took a detour to check on a well. And along the way we passed one of several stack yards where they had just finished up stacking all the hay.
I think a full stack yard must give the same feelings as a full pantry. Just makes you feel prepared and ready and secure somehow. Do you know what I mean?

And then we went and looked at some fencing projects that were in the plans for the near future.
Can't remember what the details were. They were talking about the corner posts. I was busy, off in my own little world. A place I tend to go to quite frequently when the conversation turns to things that don't involve me and I don't understand.
Instead, while they talked, I looked at birds...
and admired the feather Malcolm had found for me earlier on our ride. Wonder what kind of hawk lost it?
After that we were finished looking around, so we went back to the house and finished relaxing until it was time to leave on Sunday afternoon.

Man am I ever ready to move! I wish our house would sell, but so far no one had even looked at it. All in good time, I'm sure, and for the most part I'm fine with that. But when we go to the ranch, I get SO impatient.

We delivered in Goodland, KS yesterday morning and then reloaded in Great Bend, KS and drove to Paris, TX where we delivered this morning. Now we are sitting in line at Mount Pleasant, TX waiting our turn to load. Its off to sunny California again! Rollin Rollin Rolling...or at least we hope! We've done enough sitting these past weeks. Now its time to ROLL!


small farm girl said...

I would be impatient too if that beautiful rance was waiting for me. Great pictures!

Janice said...

Sarah I loved this post. Beautiful horses the cows weren't half bad either and what a drop dead gorgeous chunk of land.....can I come too.I hope somebody buys your house so you can move.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Selling a house is like winning the lottery...it only takes one ticket to win. Just like it only takes one buyer to buy your house.
Quality over quantity carries over to real estate, too.

Still, I know how hard it is to be patient. Hang in there.


Judy said...

Next time you are down there in Baker for a day or two let me know and I will come down to say hi!
Hope you get your house sold so you can get closer over this way! Nice photos by the way!

Shirley said...

Now that would make me want to retire from truck driving. Isn't there another way you two can make a living closer to home?