September 21, 2010

Go Visitin

You have to go visitin' over at my friend Judy's blog and see what happened last Friday. She is in western North Dakota, not too far from Baker, MT.

We're in California today, fresh from Washington, and on our way back to that lovely and cool state.
The mood has fizzled here in the truck, so I've been avoiding the blog. No point in sharing sour spirits.

On a good note, it looks like we just might get a day at the house this weekend. So hopefully that will give me the boost I need to get back to business with blogging.

Till then, go visitin at Judy's.


Grandpa said...

Hi Sarah, welcome back. Hope you had a good time in OC.

Did I tell you that my dog's name is also Ella? Took her when she was 4 months old - now she's 2. Also adopted a stray from the vet to keep her company. Read about them over at my blog.

Ok, hope to see more posts from you. Take care, and be careful on the road. Will pop over to Judy's now

Judy said...

Thanks for sending folks over to my blog!! :)