May 2, 2010

Sunday Stills: Controls

This weeks Sunday Stills Challenge was "Controls." Anything that's used to turn on or control a non-living device. Plenty of that in the truck!

The dash with all its gauges, switches, buttons, etc.
My keys, complete with keyless entry and the snazzy Kenworth key chain they gave us when we bought the new truck. Generous of them, wasn't it?

The "media center." On the right is the remote control for the XM radio. On the left is the mike for the CB radio, and in the center you'll find the CB radio itself, with lots of knobs and such, of which I know nothing about. I only touch the volume. If I turn the other ones I mess up all the settings. This is Malcolm's toy, not mine. I leave it alone!
The main and most important control...the steering wheel, complete with buttons to control the cruise, engine brakes, and buttons to flash the headlights and marker lights, and of course the horn (the puny one, not the loud air horn)My toy...the keyboard of my computer. Notice the finish has been rubbed off the space bar and a few other keys. I think maybe I've spent way to much time on the computer these past two years since we got this one!That competes our tour of the cab controls. But there are more in the sleeper. Mainly this panel next to the lower bunk which has controls for the overhead light, small spot light, refrigerator, AC/Heat, radio volume if you have it turned on in the back, and also a control for the bunk heater that heats the truck without having to run the engine. Also, as you can see, a clock with more buttons.

Lots of controls within arms reach in our little home on wheels.

For more Sunday Stills, visit this link. There are lots of interesting people participating and they all have a different perspective each week on the subject of the challenge.


Ed said...

Cool, I have alot of the same things on my freightshaker. I do miss my KW though..;-)

dibear said...

Thanks for the tour of your truck, since I've never seen the inside of Ed's, can you believe it?:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great tour of all of your controls..looks complicated to me! :)

Shirley said...

Had to laugh that Ed calls his truck a freightshaker:0) THe trucks I used to drive also had a whole system for controlling the sand, salt, and plow. Everything is high-tech these days; can't count on humans to get it right on their own, I guess!

Brenda said...

great shots! love the first one!

chloephotography said...

i like your perspectives, very nice

Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

WOw hope you got threw all that crazy wind alright. Thanks for the tour of your truck too. LOL it's been along time since I've been in one.

How'd your family fair down south. Just reading the news. It sounds really bad down there. =)