May 6, 2010

Good Help...

...is hard to find!

Here you see my #2 co-pilot hard at work.

But that's OK. Here's the #1 co-pilot picking up the slack.

Oh well...they're lazy lazy girls, but you gotta love them anyway. Honestly, given the option, I'd be in bed asleep too! And they are good company, asleep or awake, and really cute to look at.
Thanks for all the messages of concern and well wishes for Malcolm. Yesterday, after his break, he got up and when he got out of the truck to help me load some groceries, he was really sore and stiff in his legs. He's been taking ibuprofen though and this morning he says he's fine, just a little tender. I'm so very thankful that he didn't get hurt seriously and that he's apparently not going to feel the effects for days (so it seems).


Terri said...

Glad to hear husband is okay. Sounds like it could've been much worse.
This is Terri again, in Texas. I have 2 favors to ask.
Next time you are going from Texas to Oregon, stop and pick me up. Oregon is my fav state.
And next time you need a good read, come see me.
Long time writer now speaking w publisher; fairly new to blogging but love it! Just need more readers.
Either way, I will be following your blog. I am a farm girl with too many animals to do much traveling.TY

frugalmom said...

Ha! Well, sometimes its simply the mere presence thats helpful! I find that my Darby spends a good deal of time in those same sleeping positions. :-)

small farm girl said...

Your girls look like they are soooooo relaxed. Makes me want to snuggle right there with them.

Meagan said...

Love the doggies napping... what a life! lol :-) If they could talk I would love to hear what they would say!

Janice said...

wow lots has happened since I last caught your blog. First I have to say I'm glad Malcolm is OK...that driver is a jerk.That dust storm was something, I'll say it again you guys are awesome the stuff you go through... and here I am complaining about a bit of snow. Last but not least thanks for the laugh out loud...your dogs are priceless, nice way to start my morning.

Sharon Tachenko said...

Hey Guys! We've been chatting up a storm and never mentioned how thankful I am your altercation with the crazy truck driver wasn't worse! ! ! I guess it should make all of us a bit more mindful of our driving habits. . . stuff happens! But wow! sometimes it's a wake-up call. Two people were killed at my work corner last week - the guy was reaching for his cell phone and didn't see a car. . . a split second and life is forever altered! Glad your split-second had a good ending! ! !
Love and Prayers!