August 4, 2008

News From The Road

Its hard to beleive its August already. So many people are going back to work and school, including my mother, sister, Malcolm's aunt, and if they arn't going back as teachers, they have kids going back as students. So everyone is busy busy busy.

Malcolm and I have been back at work for two weeks, but I've been posting stuff about home so you havn't heard anything from us recently. We've been trucking the country as usual. Mostly the usual trips to California and so on, but we did make one truck to Mississipps, loading just a few miles from my aunt and uncle, but unfortunatly without time to stop and visit. And we made it back into Idaho, close to our country, ending that trip in Boise. That's where we are now, or at least close to there, where we're reloading and about to high tail it to California. We have to be there by 3:00am of we won't get unloaded until 8:00 tomorrow night. Its only about 10 hours driving, but its taking a long time before our turn to load.

No big events to tell about. Maybe the only eventful thing thats happened was our AC quite working in Arizona where it was 117 degrees!!!!! MISERY! But Malcolm got it going again when we got to Las Vegas. It was a fuse or something.

Thought I'd share my reading with you. I read a couple of months ago The Other Boleyn Girl. I really enjoyed the book, and recommend it. I havn't seen the movie yet, but I plan to watch it soon. And on my iPod I listened to Roots, by Alex Haley. I'd seen the movie ages ago, but I was browsing through Audible.com looking for something to listen to, and stumbled across Roots and thought, "why not! Might be interesting." I enjoyed listening to it. The beginning when the setting is Africa was the most interesting. The rest of it moved a little slowly for me. And I thought the end was neat when he discussed his research and tracking down his ancestors. Over all I enjoyed it.

We stopped this morning for fuel before we loaded and the place had a little espresso shop in it. I got a "cafe almondia" aka: almond latte. It was really good. I havn't tryed it with that flavor before. I usually get vanilla or hazelnut. But almond may be my new favorite flavor. I also had a huge (and I ate it ALL) lemon blueberry muffin WITH the icing....I'm bad arn't I! It was yummy yummy and Carlie stood under me the whole time waiting for her bite, but I told her it was just too good for mommy to share...sorry doll! Mommy's being stingy today.

Carlie and Paris did well this time out on the road, as far pouting or depressed doggies. They sometimes are a bit down in the dumps when we first leave home, but this time out they never acted like it bothered them to leave home again. We have had some attitude issues though. Paris has not been a real playful puppy and Carlie is determined that Paris WILL play with her, and if she won't Carlie will just play with Paris anyway. Needless to say there's been a lot of grumbleing from both parties coming from the back of the truck. Also, Carlie has developed an incredible sense of jealousy when it comes to attention, especially when Malcolm's giving it. So whenever Paris is getting loved on, Carlie does whatever she can to make sure she gets inbetween the loving person and her non-playful sister, to the extent of throwing herself between you, clawing her way inbetween you, and so forth. So, I guess you could say we're experiencing some sibling rivalry!!! Its getting a little out of hand. This morning started out really bad for them because I decided their little faces were getting terribly fuzzy. We started out just shaving faces, but then they had fuzzy butts too, so I shaved some fuzzy patches on their backs and rear ends. Then, insult of all insults, I decided I wanted to see my sweet little girls dressed up today. So I put Paris in her sweet little pink dress, and Carlie in her little purple T-shirt. I havn't seen them since. They are both sulking underneath the covers in the back. Oh well...at least they arn't snarling at each other. So I'll miss seeing them in their cute clothes, but at least we have some peace and quite for some time! See...there's a silver lining on every cloud...at least for me! Carlie and Paris havn't figured out a silver lining for wearing clothes yet. And it makes no since to me why they hate it so much. Rachelle's naked kids love their clothes, or at least don't even notice when she puts clothes on them, but for mine...well lets just say it couldn't be worse if the sky was falling down around their heads. They'd probably rather that happen, than have to get dressed. But I guess I'm one of those ladies that tortures their poor dogs, because I just like to put their clothes on them once in a while, plus it makes it less of a battle this winter when they HAVE to wear them!

We'll be going home again here in a couple of weeks. I hear from there that haying is almost done, its rained a few times since we left, including the last two nights. And as far as I know, Carrie still hasn't had her foal. Maybe she decided to wait till I get home. She must be feeling guilty for holding out on my in July. (doubt it)

I got my pictures of the stud re-downloaded and played with them some. So I wanted to post my favorite picture. I'm considering printing and framing it with some others maybe. I was just really pleased with how it turned out. I also changed it to a sapia (sp?) color and a black and white to see what it looked like. I think I like the sapia better than the b/w. What do you think?
I also changed a couple of others to see what they would look like in different coloring.

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