August 10, 2008

The Fight

Friday while we were loading wheat in Idaho, I was playing with my camera taking pictures which you can see on my blog for my photographs.

While I was sitting around in the driver's seat waiting for instructions to back up and pull forward as needed, I took a few grain bin pictures, and then got busy watching Paris and Carlie playing. Well, Carlie was playing, and Paris was clearly saying "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Don't you think this expression says exactly that?

notice the the missing top front teeth?

Paris has not been much in the mood for play this trip out. She grumbles a lot when Carlie is trying to convince her, and I think Carlie has decided that if Paris won't play, she'll just make a game of antagonizing her. Here's another charming side of Paris. I didn't know a dog's nose could turn up at that angle.
Finally Carlie settled down with a "chewy," which immediatly caught Paris's attention, and all of a sudden, lounging by the winow wasn't all that important. And never mind that there are three "chewies" on the bed. She wants THAT one, of course.
Lots of times, Carlie Jean will get a toy and just flaunt it in front of Paris. Then when Paris is interested, Carlie will suddenly and without warning abandon the coveted piece, and make a wild attack on Paris.

She hasn't figured out yet, that Paris knows as soon as Carlie leaves the item in question, Paris only has to distract her a moment with a play fight, and then make a dash, snatch the item, and go back to lounging with the prize in possesion.
Its all quite entertaining, even to Carlie. Despite the look on her face here, she enjoyed the whole fiasco, and they did wrestle and play around quite a lot before Paris retreated with her prize.

Our girls really do love each other and we love watching them interact. They enjoy all the perks of sisterly love.

Since all the picture in this post make my child look like a demonic monster....I had to post one of her in all her sweetness. How could you not love this little angel?

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Meagan said...

cracking me up! You got some great action shots of Paris meaning business! lol.