June 12, 2013

The Wait...

...is over!
It has been in the 80's but muggy. And these last few days it has insisted on letting little thunder storms and rain showers pop up at least once or twice a day. Things have gotten soggy again.
Yesterday we had a nice day. When we got up in the morning it was raining which created a delay for Malcolm, who has been working on the truck brakes. So while we waited for the ground to dry up a little, we drove to Dayton to pick up some parts. It's a pretty drive and we're enjoying exploring that town and what it has to offer. It's actually about 5 miles closer to go to Dayton than to go to downtown Chattanooga, and the traffic is MUCH more enjoyable, since we're mostly the only vehicle out there on those two lanes through country.
When we got back home the sun was shining and there was a wonderful breeze. Malcolm went to work on the truck, and Fancy and I went for our daily foot soak in the creek. This time we had company.

He was swimming along when we got in the creek and he kept bumping into my feet. I've never seen one that was mossy! And he was big too! We visited for a little while, but Fancy was unimpressed, so we let him go on his way.

Fancy had other things on her mind. She kept looking around and turning her head to me and resting it against my side and talking to me the whole time. Not her usual creek soaking staring straight ahead bored out of her mind expression. I've been letting her graze in the back yard after our creek time and I decided that she was looking forward to that treat. So as soon as we'd been in the creek long enough, we headed for the yard.
So we went there and where she usually can be "parked" and stay put more or less, yesterday Fancy was going where Fancy wanted to go, and too bad to anyone else who had other ideas. Completely out of character for her.

After a while I got tired of it and needed to go help Malcolm, so Fancy went back to her corral and we worked on the truck and wrapped up our day mowing the yard and finishing that chore in another down pour of rain. We were drenched, but it was good to have that job done, and afterwards the sun broke through the clouds with that glorious sunset lighting, and revealed a beautiful rainbow!

We have been staying up till 11:00 or later, which is totally out of character for us! Lots of "out of character" going on around here! I have no idea why we're staying up that late, because we're both tired! But not tired enough to go to bed earlier apparently. Last night was no different. It was after 11:30 before we turned off the TV and tidied things up for the night. And on a whim I decided I wanted to go out and check on Fancy. I've not been going out at night for several days. But I wasn't quite ready for bed yet and thought an evening walk to the barn would be nice. And I told Malcolm he had to come keep me company.

It had just finished raining, apparently really hard, because it was soggy and the trees were dripping enough to make it sound like it was still raining.

Fancy was out in her corral, even though her stall was open to her, and when she saw us she came over to the fence and was talking to us, and just talking and talking. I checked her and she did look a little bit swollen, but mostly normal. But Malcolm said we might as well put her in the stall. I liked the idea because it's dry in there and her abscesses have healed nicely, but I don't think the muddiness is that good for them drying out. So me and Fancy went over to her stall, her just following because she does that without a lead. And as she passed me and entered the stall I looked and did a double take.

Between the spot where we had been standing and the stall entrance, maybe 10 feet, the sack with a big sloshy water bubble had emerged!

She did a circle of the stall, laid down, and in less than 10 minutes we had a foal sitting up and looking around in dazed confusion.

I don't know what prompted me to go out when we did, well obviously it was God nudging me to go, but I'm so GLAD we went out when we did! The timing could not have been more perfect! We got to watch the birth and everything without sitting around for anxious hours worrying. It was a first experience for both of us and I'm glad Malcolm was with me to share that moment.

It was too dark for decent pictures and besides, I'd not even had time to go back to the house for my camera because everything happened so fast, but I'm sure you can figure I was out there at first light to check on things and wait for the sun to light things up.

And now for introductions!
Here's a new little guy!
It's a boy and we are very pleased!!!!
There is a diamond shaped white spot on his nose and that is all the white there is on his face and most of his neck! This really surprised me!

Fancy's past three foals all had high white legs, as does this one, with the exception of one rear, which is colored almost all the way down.
Which gave him the cutest butt ever, especially with that flashing white tail!

He has a beautiful distribution of color and white! He's just gorgeous!
And on one side he has a nearly perfect circle!
He is very active! He got up pretty fast and only fell down twice. He just hops right up this afternoon and he's in constant motion. He just paces in circles around and around Fancy. And this evening he was trying to pick up a little speed, but there's not quite room for that. I think this one is going to keep her busy!
Thoughts on Color:
Initially I was thinking Red Dun like Fancy. He is lighter in shade but kind of a reddish gold color. However, there's not a single dun marking on him. Nothing anywhere.
Second considered option was palomino. And that's the way I was leaning. But then a couple of friends pointed out that his mane is two colors and palominos have an all white mane. So....

And one of those friends also thought the coloring around his eyes and face was unusual. I do too.

So we will wait and see. If he's anything like his half sister, Gemma, he'll keep us guessing for a while and switch shades of color a time or two between now and later. I do know one thing for sure. He's not the buckskin I was expecting! Not a black point anywhere to be found! Not one hair!

He's a busy boy with lots to learn and explore, and Malcolm and I are both enjoying being one of those things.
It has been a beautiful day here all day long. Muggy, but sunny and pretty and it never rained so it was able to dry up a little. This evenings light was just beautiful. One of those evenings that just takes your breath away.

I am so relieved that the wait is over, that we have a healthy happy foal, that the birth was easy, and that he came in time for us to be able to enjoy him some before we return to work!

Today was a good day!


Shirley said...

I'm so happy that you got to see him being born, it is such a wonderful thing! He is one handsome young fellow, and looking at the photos, if he has no dun factor, he will most likely be a shade of sorrel. Buckskin is a bay based color, so unless there is the bay gene in the sire, you wouldn't have gotten a buckskin from Fancy, who as a red dun is a red based color- bay is a black base. Doesn't matter what color he is, he's a pretty boy!

KarenTX said...

Congrats! He's a stunner!

Leah said...

Congrats on that handsome lil' feller! and what a surprise for you to actually be there - that is great! Enjoy your time at home - your house with all of the flowers is beautiful!

Cindy D. said...

What a cutie and how cool to be there for it all.

Muffy's Marks said...

What a beautiful post. Congratulations!!! Love the pictures of the new addition. Can't wait to find out what you're going to name him!

Kellie said...

How exciting! He is absolutely gorgeous!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your blog hasn't shown up on my "list" for awhile so I missed all this. He's gorgeous!!!

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Congrats, he is cute as a button...