February 18, 2013

Long Time Gone

We didn't get lost. We didn't fall off the side of the road. In truth, I'm not sure what happened other than January and the beginning of February were rough weeks. Malcolm was sick with whooping cough and as a result, we're just now getting our first nights undisturbed rest since Christmas break. And right about the time he started showing signs of recovery, I came down with a week long fluish thing.
So heap exhaustion on top of a period of lagging interest in blogging, and I just let you slip. I apologize.
Even now I'm not feeling real motivated, but I had three friends contact me (within a two day period) via the blog to ask if we were OK and what was up with our being a long time gone.
And so I figured I needed to drop in a note to say I'm a long time gone, but not gone forever. And I didn't want y'all to worry and how touched I am that you cared enough to notice. I lvoe my blogging friends!
Illness, winter time blues, and such are the culprits, but they will all be clearing up soon.
We take a break in March. I'm looking forward to being home, spending time with my horses, and exploring what all is growing and blooming there. And I just bet I'll feel more interested in blogging after that, when I have some new things to share.

So hang in there. I know I've not felt like blogging, but I also know I'm not ready to give it up. I'm not leaving you yet.


Cindy D. said...

Nothing wrong with taking a blogging break when needed. Especially when illness is involved.
I am glad to hear that you guys are ok though.
Thanks for updating us. Get better!

Carol said...

I am happy you are both feeling better! Happy Day from middle TN!

Shanbone said...

All this time I thought I couldn't get your updates because I was doing something wrong. Lol. I'm new to the blogging world and found your blog back in November. As a driver myself and one interested in pulling bottom hoppers, I am very entertained by what you write and hope to see more updates.

Dreaming said...

I'm sorry to hear about the winter yuck you two have been experiencing, but I'm glad to hear you are OK and on the mend.
I saw some Chinese Crested puppies and thought of y'all. They were really cute - but I kept my resolve not to have another puppy... our two are quite enough!

Dreaming said...

I'm not certain if my comment came through as I was 'between' routers! I had been logged in at one place, and wrote my comment before the computer realized I had moved and wanted to log in at another place.
Anyway, forgive possible duplication, but I am glad to hear that you are OK. Sorry to hear about illness and winter funk.
I saw some cute Chinese Crested puppies and learned that they can have varying amounts of hair, even in one litter... was that guy correct?!
Cheers to you!

MTWaggin said...

GET WELL and we miss you!

KarenTX said...

Glad to see you and Malcolm are doing better. We just missed you! :o)