September 27, 2012

Party for the Princess

Next Monday is a very special day!
Monday is Paris's birthday! She has declared from her thrown that it will be a global holiday. You are all supposed to take off work and celebrate with good food, fun games, and snuggling in warm blankets in her honor. Have a party for the princess!

I was snooping around in some boxes a few weeks ago at home and ran across her baby pictures. I don't have them on the computer so I haven't shared them with you, as I have Carlie and Ella's baby pictures. And so I scanned them into the computer so I'd have them to look at on the road, and I thought this would be the perfect oppertunity to share them with you too.

This was her first day at home, when I showed her her new bunny and pink blanket. The bunny she never cared for. The blanket is still her personal favorite (out of a rather large and ever growing collection of blankets) and she gets really excited when she sees me laying it across my lap, because she knows she's going to get bundled up in it.

I got Paris for my Christmas present a couple months after I became an official truck driver. I told Malcolm if I was going to be a truck driver, I wanted a very froo froo girly dog. I think I got exactly what I asked for when I picked Paris.
because every princess needs a little bling!
She has been a princess from day one. The first few days with us she was extremely timid, hiding under the dining room table, staying quiet and keeping a low profile. Turns out she was just scoping out her new kingdom, because within days, once she had the lay of the land down in her memory, she took over our lives, and has ruled her world and all that are in it, even if your just visiting!

She started out by declaring her food not good enough. She wouldn't eat...unless the lady hand fed her.
She appointed Malcolm's shoulder as her throne for evening relaxation periods.
She spent all of 2 nights in her kennel before assisting the humans in realizing princesses sleep in the big bed between their people. How could we have made that mistake?

And from that point, the bed became one of her favorite spots, particularly under the covers.
Preferrably as far under the covers as she can get.

Her demeanor has turned out to be not timid at all. She is the social butterfly. She is the strongest willed of all three of our girls. She gets what she wants when she wants it. But as "big" as she is, she has always been petite. From day one, clothing the princess has been an issue.
Nothing fits. Store bought was always impossibly small, even the tiny sizes. And handmade even took some growing into at times.

Her siblings have outgrown her by leaps and bounds and she is reduced to wearing their hand-me-downs at times, as they outgrew things before they were worn out.
Paris is our pavement princess. She has never liked prickly grass, but preferred the concrete. It's great fun to run on concrete, and the perfect surface for spinning fast circles when your really happy.
She has been my best friend and baby girl from day one. And she has remained devoted to us, even when we forced two crazy siblings on her. She has been patient and forgiving, though there have been times.....

Paris was born in Alabama, and so it's no wonder that she has always dispised the cold and wind. She is a southern belle, and is looking forward to returning to her native lands, or at least close by in Tennessee. She has always enjoyed her visits there, sitting in her grandladies bay window watching the birds.
Paris will be 6 years old on Monday. We haven't told her yet, but there won't be much of a celebration this year. We're going to be very busy. We'll be home on her birthday but not for rest and relaxation. Paris will have to content herself with laying in the sunshine on the back of her couch. Her man and lady are going to be busy packing and tying up loose ends.
We won't have time for partying and big celebrations. It's time to start moving!


MTWaggin said...

Miss Paris deserves a new blankie at least! Give her extra kisses from us and all the naked girl photos make me smile a great deal as you know!!!! Happy BDay Paris you are a Princess and true Crested.

Pure Prairie Soap said...

Oh, so cute! I hope she has a wonderful 6th birthday!

Shirley said...

Happy birthday to my favorite of your dogs! Merle blows her kisses too.
I'm sure she will bee a big help with moving- you just have to look at her and smile to relieve the stress!

Dreaming said...

What a wonderful tribute to the Princess! She is so darn cute! (And knows it!)
Good luck with the packing - ugh!

small farm girl said...

Well Happy Birthday to Miss Paris.