May 16, 2012

Growing Up

My sister's baby is growing up so fast! I just finished reading about all her recent accomplishments.

Ava Grace hit her 4 month birthday last Friday, and is more beautiful every day. I love all my sister's posts and pictures. And this most recent one was chock full of precious photos to commemorate Ava Grace's recent milestones. So I had to share.

My Lens on Life

Some of her faces are hilarious. She must be quite the character!


Charade said...

Don't you just love the pure curiosity on her face - and the joy of every new discovery. The world will be in good hands someday.

Shirley said...

Treasure each moment when they that little; they change so fast!

Dreaming said...

You are right about some of her faces being hilarious... I love the 'making bubbles' picture! I remember this time with my babies being such great fun as they really began to be more of a person.
Thanks for sharing.

MTWaggin said...

OMG isn't she just so cute you want to squeeze her?! :)

Jennifer said...

How cute!