January 8, 2012

Over the River

We crossed back over the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers on Tuesday and have been in the west ever since.

I don't have a lot to share this week. Just been here and there, running pretty hard, which is a good thing, but leaves me feeling not so motivated to do a whole lot of anything else.

What little get up and go I had, I've used to start my new book blog. I seem to read a lot. A whole lot! And I love to talk about my books. So I decided I'd just go start a whole new blog and only talk about my reading there, and save this blog for travels and home time. If your interested, here's a link to my new blog, Along Those Lines. There's also a link over in my side bar for future use.

I have Malcolm to thank for the title. And my first post about my first book of 2012 is already up. If your a farm/ranch lifestyle enthusiast, or animal lover (especially working dogs, specifically Border Collies) you'll enjoy this book!

Back to trucking:
First a picture from just before we got to TN for our family New Years celebrations. This is the city of Memphis, TN as viewed just as you begin to cross the Mississippi River from Arkansas.

Here's what we've been up to this week! We took a load of chicken by-product from south Georgia to Denver.
That was on Thursday morning. Afterwards, we hopped up to just north of Cheyenne, WY and loaded sunflower seeds bound for California. We were out of Cheyenne by mid-afternoon, and dropping down into Laramie, WY in no time.
I was somewhere between Rawlins and Green River, WY when the sun was setting, and as usual, it was a beautiful show!
We delivered the sunflower seed on Friday morning north of Sacramento. Then we drove south to Stockton where we reloaded and headed south and west.
Right now we are just west of Dallas and will be delivering in the morning in Mount Pleasant, TX. And after that, we'll turn around and head to Phoenix, with the intention of delivering there as soon as we can on Tuesday!

Nothing like starting the new year off with a bang! If the rest of the year is as busy as this....
Well, busy is good, but let's hope that among the busy there are some good breaks too!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Happy New Year - here in Minnesota we are waiting on the snow since we do getting out and enjoying the winter activities.... Have you seen snow anywhere?

Meagan said...

You got right back to work, didn't you? At least you can work hard and fast knowing you have a break coming up in February! ;-) Be safe out there! LOVE YOU!