April 10, 2011

Nebraska on a Hazy Day

A couple weeks ago, when we were home for a weekend, we didn't stay home.

Malcolm had found a dry van trailer on the internet for a good price. Let me state here that we're not changing our line of trucking. But dry van's do make great storage buildings and also it will come in handy when its time for us to move.

So instead of staying home for the weekend, we dropped our trailer at the house and drove down to Greeley, CO to pick up the trailer.

And since we were already down that direction, on the way back home we took a small detour and went through Bayard, NE. We have some family friends there and they had acquired a couple of propane tanks for Malcolm and his Dad. They needed to be picked up and gotten out of the way, and that was a good opportunity to do it, seeing as we were lugging around this big empty trailer!

I always enjoy going to this particular part of Nebraska. Its pretty, and friendly, and nice to visit with the friends we have there. It is also a historically interesting place and there is always something to look at, even if you've seen it a million times.

On this particular weekend, it was very hazy, which I found kind of odd for March! And the haziness made the pictures come out kind of crummy. Maybe I'll get a better chance another time and you can see things more clearly.

In the mean time...

Bayard is just east of the city of Scott's Bluff which is on the very western edge of Nebraska. You perhaps may have heard of Scott's Bluff in a history class or read a reference to it in a book. It is a famous landmark along the Oregon trail. The references don't refer so much to the city as to the natural land mark that the city is named for.
The entire area is full of sandstone sculptures. Scott's Bluff is definitly one of the largest, but I don't find it that interesting. Castle Rock is far more interesting, I suppose because it stands off by itself in a sea of grass, and so is more noticable.
a closer look

Perhaps the most famous landmark in the area is in Bayard. Surely most of you have heard of or seen pictures of Chimney Rock?

Chimney Rock is so neat! Malcolm swears he remembers it being much larger when he was a child, and I suppose that's rather likely. Wind, rain, and climate are taking their toll. But it is still a unique geological formation. I've stood on that little shelf halfway up on the right side.

Check out the picture below. See the house and barns in the for ground? Malcolm's family owned that ranch for a number of years during his childhood. What an amazing place to grow up!
Our destination was near the sight of Chimney Rock. We visited with friends while loading the tanks, and then hit the road. We were home by midnight, got a good nights rest and enjoyed a day at home before hitting the road to Illinois. It was a very busy weekend!

We've been on the road since Monday night, after our time off for my sister's wedding in Tennessee. We have another 40 miles to go before reaching our destination in Oregon. We'll just chill there till tomorrow morning, then deliver, and hopefully by then the broker will have our next load lined up! 


Valerie said...

Beautiful! Even in the haze. You know I want to go there one day. Love ya'll.

Kris Watson said...

What fun! Kind of a "busman's holiday" though! I am a teensy bit envious of the freedom you have.

Meagan said...

Love you sis!

Dreaming said...

You left a question about my post regarding Doc's adventure. We were at a 'de-spooking' clinic. The organizer hauled in just about every imaginable thing that horses just might meet at a parade, or going down the street, or maybe in the woods, etc.
So, now I have a question for you... what is a van trailer? Are you talking about what we call a truck trailer?!

Louise said...

I saw your comment about a "dry van" on "Living A Dream" and had to come on over and see what was going on. I'm retired now, but spent my working life in the Transportation field. I worked on the other end, for a company that shipped product, but it was nice to see that terminology again. I haven't looked too far, but you said that you don't run with a dry van. Do you run a reefer, a flat-bed or something else?

Vintage West said...

I love this kind of landscape and I agree, chimney rock is neat, thanks for sharing! From the high point on the ranch here we can see the top of Devils Tower but it's quite a ways off.