January 26, 2011

Malcolm's Gifts and Carlie Jean's Talents

Malcolm is so gifted. Since the day I met him, he has impressed me with his ability to take an idea and make it happen. He can create pretty much make or fix anything he sets his mind to. And almost all of his talents are self-taught. If he doesn't know how to do something, or can't figure it out on his own, he simply watches someone else do it, and then its as if he's had a long course of study on it to become an expert, only he's an instant expert. He has the "Midas touch" when it comes to creating.

Recently I was discussing my ideas with him for my dream barn. You know, the one where I'm going to keep my imaginary horses, goats and chickens, until they become real horses goats and chickens.

He went out to his shop and took some horse shoes and an iron rod he'd acquired, and about an hour later, he came back inside with these.
I now have about 15 really neat hooks on which to hang my imaginary bridles and halters and such.
They are so neat, so artistic. I know horse shoe hooks aren't anything novel, but I think these are much prettier than many others I've seen. Can't wait to hang them in my real horse barn one day and put real halters and bridles on them.

Our girls are also very talented. They each have gifts and skills with which they entertain us on a daily basis.
Carlie Jean is...well...Carlie is a little simpler than the other two. She's just a very loving dog with not a lot of brains inside the noggin'.  For instance, where as Paris and Ella both have learned to speak on command, Carlie never has been able to utter a sound. She just looks at you with adoration and silence when asked to speak. One would think she'd get clued in just be watching what the other two are doing. But, alas, she just doesn't get it.

In fact, Carlie is our little silent dog. The other two makes lots of noises and yips, growls and barks in playing. Carlie is silent but for a few small sounds on occasion. In fact the only time she ever makes a noise is if she perceives a threat to our space. She is an excellent little guard dog, barking viciously and with great gusto.

A few years ago, Malcolm was given a coyote call for Christmas. Its a little box that, when the remote is pressed, emits a recording of coyote pups yipping and howling. He hasn't had a chance to use it yet. Back a few months ago he was rummaging around in his stuff, and when he ran across it he started playing around with it. Much to our amusement, Carlie Jean threw her head in the air and joined the recording in a long, musical serenade.

From that point she quickly picked up on "can you howl?" Its her only trick. She still can't utter a single yip if asked to "speak," but boy look out if you even mention the word howl. In fact you don't even have to say the word. Just the sound of a little howl from you will get her going. She delights in her new found talent. Its a big thrill for her...and Malcolm, though a bit hard on my ears.

Bless her heart! Once she gets started, she has a hard time turning it off.


Ed said...

LOL! That video is hilarous! Neat hooks too..:-)

Shirley said...

Your Malcolm sounds like my Ted. He can fabricate and design and is self taught too. I loved the video, you should see if she will sing along when you play a harmonica- bet she does.

Dreaming said...

Ouch....the howling hurts - it must be worse when you can't turn the volume down! How funny.
The hooks are beautiful! I'm gonna show my husband... boy, is he in trouble!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Love the hooks - and little Carlie Jean is the cutest!

ACountryCowgirl said...

Love it!! It gave me a much needed laugh. She is just to cute!!!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow, could Malcolm hear anything after that? :-) She's clearly very pleased with her new trick and I love the extended yowls where she stretches her neck straight up and I can see the little hairs on her nose. :-)

Um, LOVE the horseshoe-hangers. Your Malcolm is a very talented guy (Oh, and he clearly loves his wife!).

Meagan said...

LOL! Too funny!

And the hooks - so cool! Malcolm is great a making things - very cool! I can't wait til you get that barn! :-)

small farm girl said...

As I was watching that video, my dog started barking and howling herself!!!!!!! I just died laughing!!!! Thanks for the laugh!