November 22, 2010

Time Well Spent in Tennessee

We drove all the way from Portland, OR to the eastern side of Nebraska with all that winter weather nipping at our heals the whole way. We escaped all the interesting driving conditions except in Nebraska where we were in freezing fog and rain. By the time we exited the state we had about a half inch of ice covering the truck.

But from there it was clear sailing to Georgia where our trip was ending, and by the time we got to Chattanooga, TN and stopped to visit my parents for a few hours, it was sunny and 74 degrees, and I was wishing I had packed a short sleeve shirt instead of leaving all my warm weather clothes at home.

We just stopped for a few hours to visit and have lunch together and wash a blanket because Ella had an accident in bed on Saturday night. Convenient timing though, if she had to have an accident!

After lunch, when we got back to Mom and Dad's the first thing I wanted to do was go to the chicken house. Remember Mom's bantam's that I showed you in July?

Well recently the two hens got together and hatched up a plan. Deciding that if two heads were better than one, probably two butts were as well, they sat together on about two dozen eggs. And Friday Mom and Dad discovered that they had 11 new bantams.

Sadly, 3 of the new babies didn't make it, but there are still 8 of the little fuzz balls running around with two very happy and protective mothers to watch over them.
While I went to see the chickens I left the girls on the back porch so they wouldn't disturb the guys who were watching TV inside. I thought the girls would appreciate the outside time, but I discovered that instead they were very disgusted with me for leaving them.

And so to make it up to them, Mom and I moved to the front porch to relax and visit...

...while the girls discovered the joy of running in a yard full of autumn leaves.

The picture speaks for itself. They LOVED it! Even Paris did some running in the leaves, sticking to the paved sidewalk or course. You know how she has a thing for concrete and asphalt. The princess doesn't like prickly grass.
Ella and Carlie Jean were in heaven. They never get enough of running, and when its in soft dirt, mud, or (their new discovery) piles of leaves, its even more delightful!

 They also discovered that its great fun to zoom as fast as you can up and down the front porch steps.

And so it went for quite a while. Down the steps, a fast circle of the yard, and then back up the steps to see who could reach "base" first.
Usually Ella was in the lead, but only because Carlie Jean likes to be the chaser. She always has preferred that.
(Oh how I wish that picture had come out clearer!)

Mom's dog, Toby, had to watch from inside. I felt really sorry for him. But Toby likes to get free and not come back till he's decided its time...which can take hours from what I've heard.

By this time, Paris had decided that even at 74 degrees, it was a bit too chilly for a princess to go running around, so she happily retired to her favorite perch to enjoy being outside from her lofty throne where its a bit warmer and she has a blanket made of her ladies hair.

Ella got distracted by the leaves on the porch. Apparently they were edible and quite tasty. And Carlie Jean kept trying to distract her from her new snack and tempt her into the chase.
It usually worked with a little persuasion.

"Mom, can me move here?!?"

Paris tried to hint that she was thinking of possibly going back inside. And in the mean time, Toby was doing a little more than hinting that he'd like to come out!
I knew that as soon as I let Paris in, she'd realize that she really would have preferred to stay out. So I just held her and let her watch the fun from my lap. And Mom gave in to Toby and went and got his leash so he could join us.

And enjoy the great out doors....at least what he could from within the confines of his leash.
After a while it got cooler and started getting dark, so we went inside and visited from the comfort of the living room sofas while we waited for the blanket to finish drying. Malcolm and Dad joined us after finishing a little project they had gotten started, and Malcolm and Toby re-kindled their budding friendship that began last Christmas. They like to "smile" at each other.


Janice said...

Cute post I love photos of your dogs they are pretty cute.I was also reading your Back to Work post.The weather changes are so dramatic from downright ugly to so beautiful....I guess that keeps it from being boring.

Judy said...

I really enjoyed reading about your dogs having such a good time outdoors in TN. Your photos of it were so cute too! People like us with dogs in their lives are sooo lucky, aren't we?

Missy @ My Life Ain't Always Beautiful said...

ha ha 2 butts are better than one. I bet you were happy to have the nice weather. It was 18 here in SD this morning. It's supposed to be below zero on ThanksGiving. EEEK

Great pictures thanks for sharing =)

Sonya said...

Cute entry. Enjoyed the pictures. I'm from Nashville. Spotted your blog on Bacon and Eggs website as she follows your blog. I saw "Tennessee" and it caught my attention. What a long drive you had. Wow! Happy Thanksgiving.

small farm girl said...

I believe if I was you I could watch those dogs forever. They are just so full of life! And, so full of character. Thanks for showing us the pictures.