June 13, 2010

The Oklahoma Unwelcoming Committee

This isn't what I was going to post today. I've been feeling guilty for not posting something, and so last night I decided I'd get on here today and post something I've had in mind for a while.

But then things took a different spin for the day than I expected and even though I might not should do so, I'm going to post about it because I feel the need to express my outrage.

I woke up this morning shortly after Malcolm had crossed into Oklahoma. We're on our way to Alabama where we will deliver tomorrow morning. Now let me stop here and first say we've had many lovely drives through Oklahoma, and I think it's a fine state. There are a number of good people there, including several blogs that I enjoy reading, and my cousin lives in Oklahoma City, so I know for a fact there are good people in Oklahoma.

But today we met one of Oklahoma's worst, and this individual left a very bad taste in my mouth for that state. I don't think I'll be able to drive I-40 through Oklahoma again without feeling disgust.

We stopped at a truck stop in Hinton, OK to grab some lunch and when we left it was my turn to drive. The truck stop was situated as such that you had to pull out onto a side road and then stop before turning onto the main road to get back to the interstate. I pulled up behind the two trucks waiting in line at the stop sign and waited my turn.

As the truck in front of me took his turn to get on the main road, I began to pull forward when a white pickup truck whipped out of the fuel island at the gas station and zipped in front of me. I was in the process of getting stopped before I hit him and Malcolm reached across and blew the air horn at the pickup driver. I can't see that that was out of line considering he'd cut us off like that.

Now, apparently it was more than this guy could stand, because he proceeded to park in the middle of the road, jump out of his pickup, and came storming back to the driver's side of the truck screaming profanities at me. Because the truck was running and because I had the window rolled up I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying and I don't care to know. I just know it was nasty and he was apparently quite outraged at us and I was a bit shaken up over it.

Malcolm leaned across me and rolled the window down a bit and told the guy to go get in his pickup and get out of the way, at which point the animal (I can't call him a man because he didn't act like one) threw out a few more nasty remarks to Malcolm and then....SPIT IN HIS FACE!!!

Brace yourself because this isn't the end!
He then storms back to his pickup, grabs a 2x4 our of the back and proceeds to swing it around in a very threatening manner, even hitting his own pickup with it with as much force as he could manage, and shaking it at our truck still yelling and shouting.

At this point I was really shaken up, and overwhelmed, kind of frozen. I mean, what the h*** is this guy's problem!

He then gets back in his pickup and for a brief moment I thought it was thankfully over and he was leaving. But no! He throws his pickup in reverse and backs up to the front of our truck as close as he can and sits there. By now there were two other trucks behind me waiting to turn and I'm sure they had seen the whole thing, not to mention all the people fueling their cars at the gas station (because apparently EVERYONE in Hinton, OK needed fuel this morning!)

Finally the guy zoomed off and turned onto the main road, thankfully in the opposite direction that I was going, and we moved on to I-40 and got on down the road, with the trucks behind us lending their support on the CB and asking if we got his license plate, which of course we didn't. Kind of didn't think of that in the heat of the moment not to mention that he was parked so close to us I could only see part of his vehicle.

I can't imagine where he needed to be so fast on a Sunday morning that he couldn't' have waited the extra 30 seconds it might have taken me to maneuver through that intersection. Seriously, if it was that big of a rush, then he shouldn't have had time to put on his little show for the entire truck stop!

And so I want to just express my thoughts to this individual. Please excuse anything I say that might be offensive to you:

I just have one thing to say to you, you little pathetic excuse for a human being! You may think you are big and bad, but really...you are just a pathetic little sub-human of a man who has a sorry ass vehicle, a beer gut, and your balding badly on top, and can't even spit good! Even I can get a better wad of spit together than that and I'm a girl! Apparently you were just as big an ass hole as a child as you are now, and the other boys wouldn't play with you and have spitting contests with you because you never learned to do it like a real man! And in case you haven't noticed...a 2x4 isn't' going to stop my 80,000 pound truck so next time you decide to whip out your little board and threaten a driver, you better sure as hell hope and pray that the driver behind wheel is like me, because I know about half of them would have just run your ass over!! Maybe I should have!

Now...I feel better! I spent most of the rest of the morning feeling violated, shaken, and near tears. Later, as I drove along composing this blog post in my mind, it all changed over to anger and then I got to the point where I could actually kind of laugh about it. I mean seriously, what kind of loser hits their own vehicle with a board to display anger? How pathetic!

The rest of the day has gone smoothly though these drivers in Arkansas are stressing me out. Traffic is more congested here than I'm used to and everytime I pull into the left lane to go around someone who is moving slower than me, they inevitable speed up and then I can't get back into the right lane. I'm fed us with this eastern driving and we're not even across the Mississippi River yet!

We'll deliver north of Birmingham in the morning and after that, we were going to go to New York state, but that fell through and I have to say that after today, I'm not regretting it. I don't think I could handle the traffic after this! Instead we're reloading in Sunflower, Mississippi (what a great name for a town!) and going to the Houston, TX area. And then from there we're going to North Dakota and then to Montana. Thank God I'll be back in my Montana by the end of the week. I am very much looking forward to hitting that state line!


Jennifer said...

Oh My!

As I read this post I got angrier and angrier, but by the end I was laughing out loud. Glad you can laugh about it too. What an idiot!

Meagan said...

I'm horrified! I so, so, so wish there had been a cop nearby to haul his ass to jail! Scary, really, that is the kind of moron that kills someone out of the blue! Whew! Be careful out there and stay away from OK for a while! lol

Meagan said...

P.s. I also find it hEELarious that a little pissed off man-child was railing at an 80,000 lb truck! Really? I guess he didn't see the risk in that! It's the makings of a bad horror movie! lol

small farm girl said...

OOOhhh how I wished you could have videoed him. I do realize it was scary at the time, but it is a little funny now. I wonder what he would have done if you had pushed his truck out of the way? You always think of things to do and say AFTER the incident happens. lol

Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

Oh My Goodness!!!

I think I would have lost my temper and ran him over - or at least I would have in my mind. What a jerk! Too bad you didn't get his plates.